I want to celebrate my 40th birthday in Ocho Rios next spring. A friend who just returned from Jamaica suggests Negril instead noting that there's only 1 hotspot for partying at night in Ochi. I keep reading that Negril is a Spring Break/Party destination. I like to party & enjoy the latest hip-hop/reggae & r&b but don't really enjoy partying with wild young people. I also enjoy experiencing natural wonders so I want to see Dunn's River Falls & the Blue Hole. What area do you suggest? P.S. I don't really enjoy resorts & don't want to do all-inclusive as I'd rather encounter/support locals/regular everyday businesses plus I am on a budget so I was considering the Te Moana Cottage. Any info on that property or suggestions for other comfortable/clean economical quarters w/ two bathrooms for a minumum of 2 adults sleeping separately?


City: Ocho Rios

Parish: Saint Ann

Country: Jamaica


Ocho Rios is the place to be. Margarita Ville, Dolphins Cove, the many beaches; public and private, great restaurants with sumptuous food, Dunn's River Falls, Chukka Cove tours and so many more.
Your friend is correct Negril is a Spring break destination a favourite with the US college crowd as well as the locals. You are granteed a good time in Spring and if you need nice eco accomodation it is the place to be. make sure you book in advance since the rooms go fast around that time. No worries getting there from the Airport you can book a shuttle inadvance. By the way lots os theme parties during spring break.
From your reply, I figure I should go to Ocho Rios since I am not into the young/college crowd.
The Ochi area is where you will find the most "natural wonders". In addition to the well advertised tourist attractions, there are quite a few places that shouldn't be missed. As for the partying, I find the "party" spots in Ochi to be fairly mellow, and full of local insight. You will find a variety of local restaurants and the culture is alive and well here! I prefer the beaches on this coast as the water seems calmer.
If you would like more detailed info, a custom itinerary, or are interested in touring with a fellow "kid", email me and I will answer any other questions for you.
Thanks Vanessa. I will keep your services in mind.
for a matured vacation social hang out spots negril is wher 2 go , in surrounding areas we have maysfields falls, bubbling springs,abeotaa park which consists of mineral spa pools etc, on the negril strips there are clubs, margarittaville,ricks cafe, in the west end and so many spots to explore hang out and have a good time, you wont see too much young vacationers, there are many cottages and guesthouses in the area as well that will encourage local interaction n local tours.
Ocho Rios is a wonderful place to celebrate your 40th birthday. Well as for hotspots. There are quite a few local places i could take you. and to be honest Dunns River Falls and the Blue hole is a must. And nature is something you can see with a tour to the blue mountains. I will look into that property and others and pass on the info soon.
Thanks Robert!
Dear 40 year old kid,
Your friend is right for parties and nightlife Negril is the place to be.
They have enough hotspots, concerts beach parties etc.
After all the partying they have a beautiful 7 mile beach for in the day time to relax and get a perfect tan.
If you would like to visit Dunn River falls however and the blue hole, Ochi (Ocho Rios)is much closer to those 2 places and the area near the blue hole ,Port Antonio is breathtaking, tourism started there ,with the first tourists arriving on the banana boat.
i would suggest negril..wher ethe action is if you are a party person and want to let ur hair down ..on the Norman Manley Boulevard..there are hotel with all-inclusive and regular recomendation would be the Our Past Time Hotel very quaint villas and oceanfront....
If you are in Ochi a reasonable place with the feeling of being at home is the Roses/ Marions as we locals know it #876 4021602 ask for Marion. Reasonable rates good food a pool and access to a private beach. There is difinetly a selection of clubs and diners in Ochi and lots of attractions. Its middway between all points so a good hub if you plan on travelling around the island. Negril is far from the maddening crowd although some might say its a crazy place. Best beaches on the island very laid back hedonistic or bohemian is the best way to describe it. I love both places having grown up on Negril beach which once belonged to my family and now living in Ochi .Its really about what your intrests are what you are looking for in a holiday each parish has a different flavour so you will have completely different experiences wherever you decide to stay in JA. so enjoy my little island in the sun I guarantee u will be back!
Dear Traveller,Ochi Rios is very unique to what you are looking for. As an alternative traveller you can get it done without all that high expense you are suggesting.without going to an all inclusive Hotel.Congratulate on that". In Ocho Rios, We have several location where one can have a small celebration without any wild wild thing going on compare to Negril at the Spring time.We have the Irie Beach,Coconut Grove Beach and Reggae Beach,Then we have other attraction around that will satisfy your stay .Such as, Shaw park garden, Coyaba Garden MurphyHill and Nine Mile community where Reggae super star was birth.Bob Marley". For Guest houses, There are many option.You can bugget from $30 and up guest room that are very clean.Places like; Breadnut hill Shaw park guest house,Sky castle and Desmond Guest rooms. Upon booking for guest House,
Booking must be done in advance, Very inportant. For your eating, There are
several places, You have local prices and tourist prices at some resturant.Most guest house you can cook for your self or get a private cook that can do it all at your guest house.Some great tours are at Dunn's RIver, River Tubing,Horse back riding in the Sea and Boat tours.I recommend Myself for your Tours and travel being an experience tour operator.Please note; I cannot say much about the Te Moana Cottage because I hav'nt send any one there. I hope this may satisfy your confidence coming to Ocho Rios. Thank You, Desmond.
Negril is good for the younger crowd but only during spring break and Jamaica's independence celebration, this is when there is non-stop partying. Other than that Negril becomes very quite and laid back.
However to find the kid in you, Ocho Rios is the place to be. If you are not out enjoying the beauty of the nature's island, all the resorts, apartments/condo or cottages are easy access to town, where you can go shopping or just walk about. There are many local restaurant where you can have yours meals. For the night times, there are many things to do that you can enjoy with the locals. If you decide to stay in Ocho Rios, email me for more information @
Ocho Rios is a better spot to vacation. Every night you can find different activities happening.

Dunn's River is in Ocho Rios and arrangements for transportation can be made for you to visit any other attraction you want to see. Ocho Rios is kind of central so you have easy access to all of the island.

Heaven's Wynter Lodge can be considered for lodging, they provide a bed and breakfast service. Jamaican Breakfast if you choose to indulge. There is also a restaurant, pool and bar on property. They are located on the main 10 minutes from the centre of Ocho Rios town.

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