What would you tell me to do or to see in Malta? We'll be there for 1 week and we are 24-28 years old (2 couple). Thanks! :)


Country: Malta


Well there is a lot to see in Malta, depends what you like.... and when you are coming...

lets assusme you are coming soon - say september...

than for sure you must dedicate some time to the sea. Malta is surrounded by the sea, and being 2 couples you would be better off if you had to rent a car, than you could head to explore some of Malta's hidde treasures such as Mgiebah Bay - up in the North, a very quaint isolated bay behind Selmun, You could also go to Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, which is an other picteresque and romantic bay, incredibly beautiful in a sunset, whilst mgiebah takes no1 for sunrise.

If adventourous enough you could try diving... its a must if you love the sea.... i would recomend diving, try Maltaqua diving - up in St Paul's Bay,

If you are interested in History, take a tour of Malta's prehistoric temples, and BOOK now a visit to the Hypegum in Tarxien. Its incredible, a must see - its unique in the world - the only underground prehistoric temple in the world. bok now as otherwise you will not find tickets (search for Heritage Malta).

Places to visit - Mdina - especially by night and dine here, you have some top notch restruants here such as De Mondien in the Xara Palace, Medina (my favorite) and Bacchus resturants. Mdina is the old capital city, and it is best visited at night.

Rabat, and Mosta, Ta Qali are three locations which you surely would enjoy, espcially when seeking soviners if you go to the Ta'qali Crafts Village.

Spend a day in Valletta - touring the museums, ( i would start the visit to Malta by going first to the Malta Experience in Valletta - a 45 min multivision show, detailing malta's 7000 years of history - as it will help you understand Malta better) in Valletta visit the Upper Barraka and St John's Co Cathedral. have lunch here...

a day or two in Gozo are a must, especially if you enjoy walking and cyling. the small quaint island is ideal for lovers.....

at night, well over 7 night you should go fora night in Paceville - the nightlife hub of Malta, but dont GO early, make sure you arrivethere after midnight to minimise the exposure to underages...... other nightlife venuse which are good include Numero Uno in Ta Qali, and Ginapula - in Rabat. in Gozo there is Grotta...

a visit to some of the wine bars would be very nice too.

if yoiu are here when there are festas going on, make sure to go down on the night of the feast, most probably on saturday, you might see some fireworks...

well, i tried to give you some ideas, if you want more specific details, i would require to know more of what you wish to do and your interests... email me on .
I think the previous answer provided by George Abdilla has just about covered everything and you will have a fun filled week if you can visit most of the places he suggests i would also add 2 more places to try and see which would be the Blue Lagoon on Comino and the Blue Grotto which is near Zurrieq in the south west of Malta where you can take a boat trip into the caves and see the beautiful colours, the caves sparkle with blue reflections of the sea and orange, purple and green of the various minerals present in the rocks.
The comments below almost cover it all. I would also suggest visiting the Dingli Cliffs, espescially before sunset. The sun dying into the sea facing the cliffs and the natural beauty which surrounds the area make it a perfect backdrop for a memorable photo. The site is also surrounded by historical landmarks such as the Verdala palace and Boschetto woods, Girgenti palace and the Laferla Cross. I suggest for this area.
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Thank you this answer but I already did that.
I asked here also because I wanted to know what localytes say beside what all tourist pages do :)
I think George has summed up things quite nicely but there are always more things to do and to see. For dining experiences that won't cost you a fortune try 1927 in the Old Band Club at St. Julians. Consitently the best value, service and quality to be found anywhere in Malta. Very friendly place and you can try local specialities like rabbit and bradjoli (stuffed beef olives in English). They do fish and steaks etc. If you like pizza, try La Cuccagna on Amery Street, Sliema. The best in Malta, and their house red is excellent, as is their pasta. For fish, try Ir Rizzu in Marsaxlokk (popular with the locals and not too expensive) or Cockney's in Valletta, near the Sliema ferry (Valletta end). It's a bit more expensive but excellent.

You don't say where you are staying, but if you haven't booked yet, avoid Buggiba/Qawra area unless fish & chips are your thing.

Try horse riding in the north of Malta, near Golden Bay or take a jeep tour (for Jeep read old Maruti). Both will take you off the beaten track into the beautiful countryside.

Diving is great in Malta and there are a plethora of diving schools. They are everywhere. You can also hire speed boats, go parascending or any number of other exciting water activities.

For the speed freaks, try go-karting at Badger Racing near Ta' Qali.

Must see? The view from Upper Baraka Gardens in Valletta, Dingli cliffs, especially at sunset. St. Julians bay at sunrise (on your way back from Paceville!)

Breakfast? Cafe Jubilee at Gzira or Valletta, or The Offshore Cafe at Sliema - Mrs D will look aftyer you!!

Beaches? Paradise Bay, Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay (all very busy). Try Pretty Bay at Birzebugia. View is not particularly pretty (container port), but the sand is nice and the sea is blue and clear.

Hope this helps you. Have a great holiday!!
Thank you very much! We'll stay at Mellieha Bay at the beginning of September.
It will be still very hot during the time you'll be here. I suggest taking it easy and don't try to see too much as it can get pretty exhausting. To start with, I would suggest getting early to Valletta. If you want to grasp a little bit of history go watch 'The Malta experience' first. Then explore the narrow streets for some interesting photos, do some shopping and when you get tired stop in one of the open-air cafes for a light refreshment. I think St.John's co-cathedral should deserve a visit, it's just amazing! Also, Casa Rocca Piccola is a charming Maltese house worth a visit. There are numerous museums but that depends on your taste. Don't forget to get a fantastic view of the Grand Harbour while you're there from the Barrakka Gardens. If you feel like a swim by the end of the day, while you're there, ask your way to the rocky beach, down at Marsamxett harbour. It's not crowded, and the sea is wonderful.

Other places to visit; Mdina an hour or two before sunset. Choose a couple of pre-historic temples to see. I think the best is Hagar Qim & Mnajdra next to it. Another interesting undergound temple is the Hypogeum in Paola. Book tickets online for this from home as tickets are limited.

You must spend a day in Gozo, preferably with a hired car and swimming in the Blue lagoon in Comino is truly an amazing experience (try to avoid week-ends though as it can get overcrowded. A day's cruise onboard the Hera will get you there too, and I truly recommend it.

Forget hiking, as it's too hot and besides the countryside is rather dry at this time of year. Spend most of your time, when you are not exploring places of cultural interest by the sea. Best bays are Mellieha bay, Golden bay, Ghajn Tuffieha, Armier, Little Armier. St. George's bay in St. Julians is also a good spot. Anywhere you are, you are never too far from the sea...just pick up a spot you like and jump in....haha!
Hi, I think one of the greatest experiences in Malta would be to go Scuba Diving. If you've never Scuba Dived before you could do a very basic quick course which is called PADI Discover Scuba Diving. It consists of a lecture on the sport and 2 dives. One in a pool to gain some experience and a second dive in the open sea. You'll also get a certification for this which you can use to dive with all over the world. This course is half a day and costs only EUR60. If you wish I could help you with this since I own a diving school. You could also visit my website at you choose to do I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves. Be safe and have a good time. Jason

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