hey im 'n cairo and i wanna to know where and how much i can rent aboat for aparty or engagement for example and this boat can carry...

...from 40 to 50 persons ..... ??? please any one answer me


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


Well, renting a boat in the nile depends on how many hours you will take it .. and i guess it be from 300 to 400 LE. for each hour and the boat as i guess could hold 30 person.
I wish you great time and nice party ..
I agree with Michael's answer , YET , you could also reserve a section of a boat , like Topaz or The Nile Pharaoh , or such boats that also sail and they also have an entertainment program that would last for something like a 2 hours journey . They can carry your party for sure :)) .

well it depends u can make it in tourism boat like la Pasha or El Sarrya and it is not much expensive ..if u want normal one u can hire one or part of EL Pharoania or El Dahbia..congratulation
I'm agree with Yasser Shabban it's according to the party and it's better if you
reserve section with touristic sailing boat such as Nilr Crystal, Aquarious, or scarabie all of them has special show and dinner and fixed time
I think Nile crystal will be 120 L.E per person and Aquarious around 50-60 L.E per persone
well .. u can rent a boat named al saraya .. it's cool and definetly can hold even more than 40 person if it's engagement .. and not that expensive .. if it's just a party u can rent a section from the boat .. you'll find many good ones in kasr el nile infront the four seasons , shepard , ritz carlton Or grand hayat and have a nice time =)
hello ,
fisrt of all i wish you a happy engagment party,So, you can try and go to some nile boats ,ala al Den ,it's in Zamalek ,i know their prices is very good,,or you can go to Topaz.....nile pharaohs is a little expensive,but it's the best on the river.
i wish you the best.
its so easy you if u can call 140 by telephone take numbers of some nile cruises like alaadin,el saray ,nile pharohs ,memphis &it depends some of them between 40 till 100 pounds for each person
as you can see alot of friends answer to your question,but if you want to have all the hall for your party you can go to a boat called memphis infront of el-sala international hospital maadi and there you can reserve all thehall for your party and also they can make or you a good price.hope to find what you want from all this answers.mabrouk!!!!
The gran Hyatt has a boat you can rent it too , or the Navy club has a boat called Al Falandara boat on the other side of the nile
or you can call me and we can discuss that
sorry about that i can't help you?if u want do it inaswan i can do for you
Call me 0102584278
I have a direct contact to the owner of a nice Chinese restaurant series in Egypt.
They have a floating ship and they serve open buffet during Ramadan.
The boat can carry up to 150 guests. I can get you a very big discount.

hey it depends if u want a moving boat or non moving one & if non moving one as they said before u can choose from sarraya pasha pharaon u have many choices & it will depends on how many people r coming to this event cause there is many deals u can have but if a moving boat u can rent a privet yacht & its prices will vary according to its class from 150 to 5000 per hour or u can rent a moving boat that belong to an hotel or cafe like nile maxim

I think you had a lot of options from the answers here , but the best way to do it is to make a visit to the same mentioned boats trying to have an offer for your party , i do recommend a small one for your party , if you need some one to arrange it all for you i mean the boat the buffet the show and all other stuff let me know () and i can put you in contact with some one to do it all for you.

Enjoy your time


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