Driving from Dubai to Oman... mid Apr... appreciate any advice on the below =) 1) Best rental company? (considering price and...

...vehicles in good conditions... don't wanna have to deal with car breakdowns on a vacation =P) 2) One-way? Picking up the car in Dubai and returning it at Muscat airport... - Is that something common to do? - Expected surcharge amount? 3) Any tips about overland border crossing? - Will it take a long time? - Any special documents to prepare? 4) The drive.... - I understand it'll take about 4~5 hours? - Is heavy traffic expected? - Best time for driving (e.g. in the wee mornings? in the evenings?) - Good scenery? - Many places for pit-stops / refreshments / bathroom breaks?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


you can find the vehicles in good conditions with the following companies.

1). Herts Rents A Car
2). Avis Rent A Car
3). National Rent A Car.

you want to drive all the way to muscat yourself or you would like to have a driver with you. Because if you want to return the car @ Muscat airport then the aforesaid companies have the branches there where you can do that or else you have to take a driver with you to drop u @airport.

Border crossing normally takes couple of hours because of the days on which you are travelling. if you are travelling on a normal week day then its a matter of half n hour however on weekends and public holidays it will be over crowded.

the over all journey to muscat is of 7 hours. they have many cameras on their way to muscat and the speed limit is assigned to them so u need to be really careful. The best time for driving is day times only because as the route is new to you and till the time you reach Sohar all the roads are constructed in valleys so better to drive in days instead of evenings.
there are many places on the way where you can stop and refresh yourself. the best is to find small places like sohar etc and there you can enjoy as well.
Hiya ok regarding car rental certainly do not go for teh regular car hire giants they will be expensive. I advise going for Go Car Rental, or Fast Car Rental they are very reasonable and offer full comp insurance but you need to make sure you are covered for travel to Oman and ensure you have your insurance papers at hand because at the oman/dubai border crossing they will ask to see these papers. It will be cheaper if you do not go for the single trip as in this case you will need to use the big guys who will be more expensive and yes they will charge a surcharge of approx 400 aed!

On the border crossing from Dubai take Dubai Hatta Road follow signs all the way to Hatta and then go past the border crossing. Depending on your nationality then visa implications will take affect. You need to check that out seperately. From Dubai to Oman border it takes about 1 hour drive. Then depends where you are off to from there! Muscat is another 3-4 hours drive from the border and if you take the east cost road you will have plenty of pitstops and beach resorts that you will pass. Scenary is great and you will have a wonderful time. I advise a larger size vehicle though as journey will be tiring! Best time to travel is weekday mornings before 12pm midday and if on a Friday then head out early morning!
If I were you docter, I would make sure you can cross the Omani border with a UAE rental car. I believe you cannot.

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