We are moving to Avenches from Zurich in February and I need local knowledge from; 'Doctors to Yoga', can you help me with info/contacts?

We are a family with young children, and pets including Horses. I'd like to know where I can buy the best Pastries, where is the best coffee shop, who is the best vet, where is the best yoga class, where can I find a good carpenter etc etc etc


City: Lausanne

Canton: Vaud

Country: Switzerland


Avenches is 2 hours away from geneva and I do not have any knowledege about that area. I am sorry not to assist further
Such a lovely place to live. Wait until you see the opera in the ancient Roman theatre! For some city information you can go on . Avenches is in the Canton of Fribourg and probably most of your administrative activities will in the (charming) city of Fribourg. Expats share all kinds of detailed information on living in each area of Switzerland and you can go on . There an expat guide for Fribourg with all the type of information that you requested in pdf files. If you need tourism information in the Lake Geneva region please visit and you’ll find me!

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