When its the best time to get to Brazil and the better place. I'm interesting in learn more portuguese and play some bossanova song in Rio.

I have been on going for 4 years it's my dream will you help me? 11504(97269133) I live in Roatan Island Honduras


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


So there is nothing better than Rio, I will write to you and give you more ideas!
Rio and Bahia, the old states of Brazil
I agree with Rafael one of the interesting place to listen and play bossanova is Rio the best time to arrive is on summer where the Cariocas (people born in Rio) or locals are all day at the beaches , bars, the nightlife here is wonderful the bohemian neighborhood of Santa Teresa and Lapa and Copacabana full of people , wait you here !
To learn portuguese, well, just get mingled with people and come here with open spirit, do not be afraid to commit mistakes and talk with people.
Coming here in the summer for sure you will have loads of fun in the beaches...IPANEMA IS THE CAPITAL OF RIO DURING OUR SUNNY SUMMER!
As for Santa Tereza, it is one of the most interesting places in Rio, specially SELARON Stairs. I swear, I did look at GOOGLE, hahahaha
There is no doubt that Rio is the Capital of Bossa Nova. Actually it was born in here. There are plenty of places where you can go to listen, enjoy and even learn. An also, Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, you won't regret.

Take care =)
Best time to visit is April or September. Those are slow months in tourism and the weather is perfect! For Bossa Nova the best place is really Rio. Nowadays you can visit Lapa on the evenings and you`ll see a lot of clubs with bossa nova music. There is one in Ipanema called Vinicius specialized in bossa nova.Anyday of the week you`ll see great bossa nova bands or singers.
Well, right now we´re living the winter days, it´s not cold, but rains, and i think would be better after octuber, when the temperatures are higher than now, you can enjoy the beach and the parks, and travel around Rio, there´s others interesting beaches and cities near from here. About Bossa nova you can come and find good music, not everyday, but always happen concerts and there´s also bars with musiceans singing during the night, at Lapa, downtown, from thursday to saturday you´ll find every kinf of music, drinks and our culture...after octuber/november you can visit the SAMBA´s square, usually in the comunities, where you can sing and dance with a lot of fun...well, if you want, just contact me, and remember, the CARNAVAL, is in february just in the brzilian´s summer!!
Best time? Always!
Best Place? Rio!
Best Tourism?
Bossa Nova?
See me,
Jim ()
Y mas: para quién ya habla español, portugués es 'solo un dialecto'
Rio is music, beach and fun...

Bossa Nova is Rio's Institution...And there is also Samba...So many options for total fun! :)
And dont forget it is a beach destination! :)
Best beach is Recreio, very beautiful
Hi, the best times to come to Rio is always, the weather is a good example, always good to come, specially in Rio de Janeiro, the birthplace of the bossa nova.. The best place to live here for me is Copacabana, there is everything here. Near of the downtown center. Good luck.
I adore to go to BIP BIP
All over Brazil is better to come in the summer
I agree, above all in Bahia!
I like bossa nova in mistura fina
You can learn portuguese in Wizard, they have portuguese for foreigners.
Best Bossa Nova in town, go to Vinicius de Morais toca do Vinicius, you can get informed
Hi, the best time to go to beautiful Rio depends on how hot you like the weather! In the summer, from December to March, is is very very hot, and this is also the busiest season with the most tourists, so the beaches are busier and prices are higher. However, this is also the best time for parties, with New Year, Carnival and so many other parties in between. The rest of the year it is quieter, and a little cooler, although there is plenty of opportunity to go to the beach at any time of year. Santa Teresa and Lapa are great places to hear samba and bossa nova, and you might even be able to join in at Bip Bip in Copacabana! Whenever and wherever you go, you will have a fantastic time :-)

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