I'm looking for a good dentist who does veneers, has a good lab and speaks English. I'm traveling to Florianopolis in October and...

...need to get costs, timeframe and appt.


City: Florianopolis

State: Santa Catarina

Country: Brazil


if you are coming to Rio maybe I can help you.
there is a big group in the island called ODONTOVIP....
I have a good dentist who speaks english, but she is in São Paulo, if you can do a little stop in São Paulo I can help you and probably you will fin a dentisr easier
In Rio I know 'hidden treasures'.
In Brazil this is most heard of:

Hello . The dentist I can recommend understands english quite well, but her ability to speak it is limited. You will find this to be the norm among most professionals who are not located in the major cities like Rio and Sao Paulo.

To provide you with a cost estimate here and now is difficult, because everyone patient is different, and obviously, so is the condition of their teeth. But to give you an idea, I had my six front top teeth "remodeled" with resin (veneer), and the price was 1500 reais. At the more recent exchange rate of 1.75 to the dollar (the pound and euro are just as dismal) that's approx. $850. Since you're coming in October, when the presidential election occurs, you might luck out and get a much better exchange rate; it often fluctuates during elections.

If you send a me private message, I can reply with before/after photos of the work I had done. I felt my $850 was well spent. For an appointment, just email Dra. Glaucia directly:
Do trust in this advice, that is the best of all, great info!!! :)
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She needs dentists in Brasil, not in Thailand, my friend.
yes, i know ,but Thailand is one of choice and there have JCI ,HA and ISO.
Cheap , Hight quality and good service mind .
What do you think ?
Something that you have to know, dentistas are very expensive all over Brasil
If you ever come to Rio I can recommend you my dentist. He speaks english.
Florianopolis seems to have great dentist!
Are the dentists in Floripa expensive?

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