My husband and I would love to spend a day in the dolomites exploring on our own. We are staying in Dossedori. Should we take a train...

...or rent a car? What towns, resturants, and 5 star hikes do you recommend.


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy


Thx for your kind request. Dossedori doesn't sound ot me...what is it? By your mail I don'y understand if you need accomodation or whatelse in Veneto. i.e. Venice, Padova etc. Pls specify better and tell me the period you would like to come.
Dossedori does not exist in italy or europe.

However in Venice there is a street called Dorsoduro, that has hotels and stuff, and you are already on the islands, thus go hang around.

If you want to go TO Venice from somewhere else, train is the option, it takes you to the very hart of the city.

If you want to go visait FROM Venice, best options are :
Train for a one big placve target like Roma or Milan, etc, and there you buy a one day pass for public transportation and use it to the mad (also buy a map of the place when arived in the target train station, recomended)
Car if exploring an area, like the Dolomites, where trains are scarce and the tracks are limited to some main valeys.

Have fun.

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