Do you know any unusual attractions in Copenhagen?


City: Copenhagen

County: Kobenhavn

Country: Denmark


I would say that it all depends very much about time of year and interests.. But a visit to Christiania would for most people be considered an unusual attraction... Once military barracs, today an alternative society.. but let me know what would be of you interest, and I can make more suggestions..
Well, it all depends on what you are looking for.
You can find all kinds of environments in the Danish Capital. This is after all a country that encourages individual pursuits. Just check the numbers of associations and clubs dedicated to all kinds of themes and interests. Back in the late sixties, there were quite a lot of chartered jumbos packed with Japanese & Italian tourists that came for the weekend just to view the Erotic shows. Nowadays the city boasts even more sophisticate things...Are you interested in attending a ceremony dedicated to the Viking god Odin ?

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