Cheapest way to travel from Salzburg or Munich

which would be cheaper Salzburg-Vicenza or Munich-Vicenza? And what would be the cheapest way to go?


City: Salzburg

State: Salzburg

Country: Austria


Munich - Vicenza = 481 Km
Salzburg - Vicenza = 487 Km

Travel by car will be the same price
Travel by train approximatively the same
Travel by plane will be expansive anyways
i guess the best and most convenient way to go is by train if you're travelling light and if you're not up to a 5 to 6 hr. drive. there are trains from the salzburg banhof that go direct to vicenza. the trip last about 7 hrs but i'm not really sure about the preis, starting i think fr around 25 eur. but you can check the ÖBB website bec they offer a lot of options and sometimes even give seasonal díscounts. well, happy trip!
salzburg vienna is closest and cheapest by in advance and return is cheaper than single.
As always the cheapest is railway in Europe.

The cheapest way is going by train from Salzburg to Vicenza. Book in advance an Euronight train (Departure Salzburg: 01:34am and Arrival Vicenza: 09:03am)- you will have to change the train just on time at Venice. You can get tickets around 60 euros if you book in advance!check further details on the website of Austrian Railways:
yep, its from salzburg by train

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