Do believe it is safe to go on a visit to France?


City: Straszburg

Region: Alsace

Country: France


Well, France its a secure country.. FOr sure you have to pay attention, not to look for problems. If problems happen just go to the police station, you have rights.
Like in every country there is problem with safety but nothing so big for France. If you have any other question about a region, city or district let me know and i will tell you about the secure point!
As much as I know France is one secure country and since it is very atractive you shouldn't have any kind of problems down there.
There are mean people anywhere you decide to go but you can get near them only if you realy are searching for troubles.
In any case you can go and enjoy yourself without worrying.
Relax and thake it easy - that is the point of every vacation right :)
And if you get introuble just go to the police or to the ambasy of your country if there is one.
Have a nice trip.
Hey friend, France is as safe any most of the European countries.. I have visited France more than six times and have never faced any problem except for the language. If you don't speak French then my friend, you can face some problems.. otherwise, it's a lovely place..
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enjoy :)

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