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in Prague for almost a week. I want something other than the standard tourist trap stuff. Anyone local have any tips or suggestions on something to do or somewhere to go that's unique, a little different, something that usually only a local would know about?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Hi, we can prepare some tour especcially for you. But we need to know more details about your imaginations.
If you're here for "almost a week," you should definitely go to Kutna Hora. See the Bone Church. If they're reopened St. Barbora (was closed for renovation), go there too. See .
Plzen is a nice day trip, too, if you like beer, though Kutna Hora is smaller and much prettier.
Some people will recommend Cesky Krumlov but frankly you want 2 full days there and it's 2.5 hours if you're lucky enough to get the fast bus, so it might be rushing a bit for you.
We seem to be getting an early Spring this year, knock wood. If the weather stays nice, there is plenty of good cycling and hiking in the hills and river valleys around Prague, particularly the Vltava, Sazava and Berounka valleys. Rafting on the Sazava can be arranged, they have an easy run (downstream from Tynec nad Sazavou) and it's cheap. Country pubs are a big part of this country, too.
You may hear of Karlstein. I would not recommend Karlstein as most of the castle is reserved for either film makers or (IMO) quite expensive professional tour groups. It is the most "tourist trap" place outside Prague. There are lots of other castles, all of which are more reasonable. Krivoklat and Konopiste are both nice.
There's quite a bit I think.. everything from urban exploration around Stodůlky to alternative events.. If you're on Facebook you can check out Prague Alternativa:

Hi, there is a lot of famost places outside usualy tourist center. You can visit the old waste water treatment plant or to undertake a tour underground.
There are many attractions that tourists do not know.
Plenty of alternative stuff you can do without even leaving Prague

-Visit the Lennon Wall
-Find what's left of "the pink tank"
-Go shooting ( - indoor range close to Florenc)
-Go on a Segway Tour

For other slightly more "racey" stuff then why not drop me an email :
what time of year you're visiting?
i've suggested before going to either part of the Olsanske Hrbitovy at Flora station (green line metro, or tram 10, 11). one is an old czech cemetary with beautiful picture takin gopportunities - and no one ever goes there. open daily till evening. the other at Zelivskeho stop has a Jewish cemetary much much more interesting than the one downtown (practically destroyed by the floods btw) and a military cemetary.

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