My husband, I and my 13 year old are planning on visiting venice soon. When is the best time of year to visit? I don't want to be with...

...the throngs of other tourists. If I wanted that I'd stay home lol. I want me and my family (especially my son) to really be able to take in the culture and real beauty venice has to offer. Not the polished package for tourists. I am truly enamoured with your city and cannot wait to smell the smells and hear the noises that pictures can't describe it's true sense. thank you so much.


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy



Tourists prefer coming in Venice during spring and summer, so you could avoid June, July and August, also because the temperatures are high (up to 35 degrees) with high rate of humidity! I prefer visiting Venice in autumn, by September. Remember that in Winter temperatures are low, from -2 to 15 degrees, and youcould find high water in the city... Beginning of spring and autumn are perfect, even if you want to take a tour in the neighbourhood ;)
You really need to travel out of season, and with cruise ships coming in, the Venice season is now longer, even up to mid November there are lots of tourists. I would suggest visiting December, January, February.
However the weather will obviously be winter time!

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