In Kaunas from 26 to 30 August and I am already totally thrilled! I look for any advices from locals that could make my stay unforgettable.


Country: Lithuania


Hi! That I could advice you smth I need to know have you ever been in Kaunas or Lithuania? And will you be just in Kaunas or you will drive some where? Kaunas is second city in Lithuania but I don't think that you will have what to do here for 4 days. We have really beatiful old city, town hall which is in old city, of course museums. One of the most interesting place is "Rumsiskes museums" where you can find authentic houses which are very old and they reflective Lithuania history. It is one of the most exciting places in Lithuania!
Here is just a little information, you could write what you expect from your trip in Kaunas and I'll try to help you,ok?
Bye, Dainora
Hi, I have no idea what your interests are, but Kaunas can offer a lof of exciting places and events. You can easily find places of interest and their description, so I will tell only about events that will take place from 26 to 30th August, 2010.
The main event would be closing concert of Pazaislis musical festival on 29th August at Pazaislis Monastery. Prices of tickets 20-30 LTL (~6-9 Euros). Concert starts at 6 pm, but it is nice event only in case you like classical music.
In case you want to make unique photos I would offer visit „Sunset Sand" near Akropolis shopping centre. A lot of sculptures from sand, including Michael Jackson, Statue of Freedom, Srek... Entrance fee is 5 LTL (~1 EUR).
There are a lot of theatre perfomances and other events, but it is worth seeing them only in case you will go with interpreter who speaks Lithuanian :)

Enjoy these days! Wanted only to say that Vilnius or Klaipeda is hundred times more worth seeing...
Kaunas ist actually not the best rated city in Lithuania. Anyway, the most important is your company,not the place.
Good luck!
Hi. It is nice to hear that you are interested in coming to my hometown. Like others said Kaunas is second largest city in Lithuania and former temporary capital. You should see these places:
KAUNAS CASTLE For free at repairing at the moment and no possible entry. You should come and see TRAKAI CASTLE Tickets: less than 4€ for adults and for child only less than 2€. You could take English guide for around 14€ (max 30 people, so it should suit you). Trakai is only 70km from Kaunas and trip on motorway won't take more than 45 minutes. You could find some info about that castle in my posted link. It is castle in island. Should be nice and if you take guide you definitely hear a lot about our history.
AVENUE OF FREEDOM and if you keep forward on that street you will come to Kaunas old town.
If you like history, you could come to VYTAUTAS MAGNUM WAR MUSEUM Ticket ~1€ for adults and 0.5€ for child. For guide about 10€.
And you should visit PAZAISLIS ANSEMBLE OF THE CHURCH OF HOLY VIRGIN MARY AND CAMALDOLLI ABBEY which is near my home. Amazing building to be honest. I think you could come and see everything for free. If you are interested to know more do not hesitate and just write me. Hope I could help you.
Just visit here for more info and here If you like to spend more time on activities, just write me.

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