We are going to be in Munich on Sunday, Sept. 6, 2010 and want to attend Oktoberest. I have read it is free. Then that you need... ????? Mike & June and Joe & Sue


City: Munich

State: Bayern

Country: Germany


Hi there,
no, you don't need tickets to visit the Oktoberfest. It is a huge, public event. There are two parts to the Oktoberfest: one is like a fun fair with rides and caroussels, the other is the big "tents" (which fit more than thousand people) in which threre is music and the legendary beer.
If you plan to go on a sunday and would like to get in to a tent, it is very advisable to get there EARLY. On weekends the tents fill up quite quickly. Popular tents are the Hofbräu, Schutzenfesthalle or Hippodrom.
For more detailed info you can also check this link:

Have fun and enjoy your trip.
Oktoberfest is starting on 18. Sept. 2010 about 16 days till 3. Okt. 2010.
You need no ticket but all things are very expensiv. One litre bear costs 8.70 € and 1 half grilled chickens about 14 €. You may go better in the morning at 11 am (starting every day) because you need a seat in Festzelt - no seat no bear.
Have nice time in munich.

regards Anita Vulaj
I'll surely recommend their beers .But on the sides,pork knuckles with apple wines will surely topple U people too ;-} .
Enjoy 8-)
September, 6 is too early! It'll start only on the 18.
I recommend to avoid, if possible, weekends, on mon-thur you find normally a much nicer atmosphere and you don t need to start drinking that early.

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