Salsa/Merengue/ChaChaCha instructor in Cusco

I'm going to be in Cusco for a couple of weeks. I'm looking for an instructor for a few sessions of 1-1 private lessons. If it matters, I'm an intermediate level dancer (on-1).


City: Cusco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


my e mail is i can help u
hi BOB

in cusco there are few salsa intructors, but also everyngiht form 9 pm to 11 pm are free lessons on the discos arround the plaza de armas, one is mitology, inka team, and mama africa, you can practice with other dancers totaly for free
enjoy your time in cusco
hello. i have a nice new for you. because theres many people at the discos in cusco like to dance and learn how to dance merengue, salsa and cha cha cha . i recomended you going to the disco talk with somebody is learning how to dance and thats all. because theres many guys like you are trying to dance well.
finally you maybe dont have to pay nathing for it. just go and dance at the discos. the party is to the next day you start to dance. good luck . man.
this is my email
I`ve found a place where most needs could satisfy both the enquirer as the group of children they benefit:
They handle more than 60 international volunteers constantly helping more than 100 children in need of the not-so-turistical areas of Cuzco. They have lodging, a restaurant and a school for the children where you could as well volunteer. Among them I´m certain you will find where to take your dance lessons, or whom to learn with as happened to me while helping. I learnt Salsa and vallenato with a colombian volunteer. If nobody knows there, they will probably know who is good as the organizers are locals and, most important, not interested on any personal benefit which makes their advice great.
The best way to find a dance teacher for those rythms is trough the YELLOW PAGES in the local phonebook.
Hello, that's a great opportunity to know each other, you can learn at the time you need in the afternoons, depends on your interest, you can be a professional dancer here in a special place. Our tour guide can lead you there inmediately. It's near our Travel agency. A hug. Just contact us at:
Totally guaranteed!!!

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