Thank you for your answers before! Now I really need to choose between Hotel Canifor and IL-Palazzin! Any suggestion??? Please! Thanks!


Country: Malta


Both the Canifor and Pallazin are in the Bugibba/Qawra area, which is fine if you like to be with the 'Fish & Chip' and English beer brigade. If you go onto and look up these hotels, the obvious choice would be the Il Pallazin as it has much better comments. Most hotels in Malta (below 5* that is) could easily be considered 1* below their claim. Hope you make the right choice and enjoy your holiday in Malta. For what it's worth I think the Sliema/St. Julians area has much more to offer in terms of accommodation, restaurants, nightlife and general ambiance.
Thank you very much for your answer this time again!
Good Morning,

Both Palazin and Canifor are 4 star hotels in the Qawra area. in my opinion, they both offer a good product. years ago i had journalists residing in both hotels and both groups were happy. both are clean hotels and food is ok. they are practically about 15 min walking distance from each other. Canifor is about 5 min away from the central bus station, Palazin is about 10 min.

I find it difficult to recommend one mor ethan the other, as i think they are in the same level. to me it would boil down to which one u like most form what u see and read. enjoy your holiday....
Thank you a lot! I hope that we'll come to a decision this week :)
Hi, I too have had friends who have stayed in both Hotels and both offer a good quality service and are both clean nicely run hotels and as the previous writer states it is very difficult to choose between the 2, and the only difference i found that one of my friends that stayed at the il-Palazzin stayed in one of the upper floor rooms which had beautiful views over Qawra, Salina Bay and out over the Meditteranean, whatever you choose i,m sure you,ll enjoy your stay on this beautiful Island with some of the friendliest locals you will find anywhere in the world
Thanks you so much! I hope I will make a good decision but about what you wrote me it won't be hard. Thanks.
Both Il-Palazzin and Hotel Canifor are rather good value for what they are, but don't expect too much and completely avoid them if you're fussy.The rooms are generally kept clean and are rather spacious, although the furniture is a but old. Don't choose theses hotels for their pool, as they are on the small side! Their location is very central and close to the sea though. There are mixed reactions to these hotels from a number of guests who have stayed there which range from good to utterly rubbish. I suppose the main problem is that not all rooms are maintained well to the same level all the time. Go for continental breakfast, btw, it's a safer choice!
heya once i stayed at Palazzin and there rooms are very good even there bfast is... but i cant judge canifor never been in !
I recommend Palazzin which is a more suitable hotel for people such as yourselves because not far away from were you will be staying are a Latino club if you are interested in clubbing and also for tourist information you have plenty of them surrounding your hotel.

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