hello,i need advise on getting canada visit visa from uae best regards ruki

am working in UAE and i have uae resident visa.i hope to here from you


City: Vancouver

Province: British Columbia

Country: Canada


Hi Rukis,
I'm not sure if you even need a visa if you are just visiting, however, if you plan to stay,
my best advice is to go to the following website:
and find the official information.
If you just plan to visit, this website may have and visa requirements as well.

I hope this helps,
Dear Rukis,

If you are not from a visa exempt country, then you will need a visa to visit Canada.
You can obtain the application from the Canadian mission in Abu Dhabi.

Make sure to include additional documents showing the reason for your visit as well your ties to Dubai or your home country. The immigration officer reviewing your application will need to see that you have strong reasons to leave Canada after the expiry of your visa and that you will not stay illegally in Canada.

Sam Al-Kuwatli
New Wave Immigration Inc.

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