how much should you pay for a taxi from the airport to play grande resort


City: Cabo San Lucas

State: Baja California Sur

Country: Mexico


I really don't know because I'm in Mexico City... Maybe somebody from there, I think the best option is taking a Safe Taxi, although you can ask to the Hotel if there any transport of them for that cases.
Taxis here are ridiculously expensive (the drivers have a strong union). Expect to pay 80-90 USD to get to Playa Grande from the airport. If you are traveling with a number of people, this isn't terrible. If you are traveling alone or as a couple I would suggest going the servicio colectivo route. These are private vans that take a dozen people or so to their hotels. The downside is you may wait half an hour for the van to fill up. The upside is you only pay 10-15 USD per person.

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