Hi! I would like to know where I can take cooking classes in Nairobi. I am interested particularly in Asian cuisine.


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


top chefs calinary institute, sound plaza 3rd floor. Woodvale Grove, Westlands
Chao restaurant.West land
I know of somewho offers excellent trainning in asian cusine at Nairobi Pentecostal Church in Parklands...Call and ask for Anita.
Utalii college
just come and join the Utalii College you will learn all kinds of cooking you ever wanted
Utalii college n sheraton situated in zimmaman.
Preferably at Nairobi Institute of Bakery, NHC Building opposite Co-operative Bank House, Nairobi.
The best college for cooking is Utalii college along thika road.
YOu can take cooking classes at Top Chef which is loocated in Westlands or Utalii COllege.Please note that there are no schools as yet to teach Indian Cuisine in Nairobi but once you finish your course at any one of the colleges yu may be able to join one of the many Indian restaurants where you can learn Indian Cuisine by experience.I have to advice you that Indian Cuisine by itself is challenging as there are varieties i.e.Punjabi foods,North Indian,South Indian,Gujarati etc
Utalii college in Nairobi is the place to start.Being one of the oldest training institution training manpower for the hospitality industry ranging from front office to pastry,cooking and many others.This the place to go.
Utalii college is the best place to learn.
These are some of the places you can consider taking your classes from;
1. Top Chefs Culinary Institute - its is recognized as a top ranked culinary arts school in Kenya, located in wetlands Nairobi.

2. Margarita Guest House Karen - offers the best lessons on how to prepare 5 star gourmet meals

3. Utalii college in Nairobi
get admitted at utalii college
you will enjoy
oh i prefer Utalii collage
or you can ask zetech college in the city or wetlands
I know of Susan Kamau's Cooking Club,

Susan’s Kitchen in Rosslyn on Red Hill Road
Sh3,000 per person per session
please try the utalii college
I would suggest Utalii College. Good Luck!

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