Hi! would you know of anywhere closer to MoBay similar to this:

My family and I are staying all inc. in MoBay but want to get off resort for a few days/nights and experience soem true Jamaica, particularly with regard to Rastafari. I found this place: Which is perfect in every way except for the distance. Is there anywhere you know of which offers a similar vibe but within a few hours of Montego Bay? We travel in November from England. Thank you! Leanne x


City: Negril

Parish: Westmoreland

Country: Jamaica


yes there is wonderful guess house in ironshore called Megilia it would be lovely for your prupose and enjoyment
Hi I am Alwayne, I have the perfect suggestion for you and your family, The Rastafari Indiginous Village . You will love the cultural experience at this authentic Rasta Village. I will be your personal guide to take you there, check out my Profile my contact number is 876-480-8098, email me at
Hi Alwayne, Thanks for your answer. I have seen this village, and will probably visit but I was looking for somewhere to stay overnight and it is not possible here. Thanks again!
yes there is a wonderful place in ironshore which would be good for you and your famaily
We have a beautiful spot outside of Ocho Rios on the banks of the White River where you can stay overnight
actually there is a rasta village here in granville in montego bay. it is about an hour drivre from the resort area. But it looks like they dont have a website. at this village all the rastas will meet together and have thier rituals and teachings. it is opened to the public also and they share info on the herbs and thier beliefs.if you are interested to go there i can provide other information.

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