what are safety precautions I should take when traveling in europe?

I'll be myself, and taking overnight trains and staying in hostels mostly in Paris and Amsterdam. Will I be ok? Any tips on being safe? Things I should be aware of?


City: Paris

Region: Ile-de-France

Country: France


About security in France, it's not dangerous as a single girl, but avoid to travel in suburbs trains and subway by night. If you travel anyway by night, try to be in a car with other people (not alone in a car becaus IF you have a possible problem, you'll find help), and dont look too much at the other people. Be regular, and all will be ok! As a girl, I often travel alone by night around Paris by train, and I naver have problem, just dont wear mini skirt or something like that!!
my ex-girlfriend (american) used to travel in europ from france to spain, italy, germany... nothing ever happened...the only thing to consider is that as a tourist, speak a little french... enought of request your direction and know which directions to go to ... :)
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