Tours to sandals beach resort ochios rios

My partner and I are cruising with Royal caribbean in september, we had booked a tour to the sandals beach resort in ochios rios for the day, we were so disappointed that it has now been cancelled, we would still like to go but I cannot find a tour company who does the tour, please can you help ?


City: Ocho Rios

Parish: Saint Ann

Country: Jamaica


There are many places to see and many things to do in the vicinity, if you would like, I can help you arrange a private tour, for a very reasonable amount. If you could email me with what you are interested in doing, I can give you a better idea of the time and cost involved for the day. Looking forward to hearing from you. I have a few places I would like to suggest as well.
yes I can help you guys out with the tour to the sandals beach resort in ochios rios for the day just tell me when you guys coming too jamaica on book a date with me.if not i send you guys a next company that can do the tour there have a bus can take you guys around for the day in ochio rios
hi guys its best if you take a private tour.some of my tour is horseback riding,dunn river fall bob marley, canopy,river tubing,botanical garden and shopping. if you wish for me to take you around you can e-maile @ . im doing this tour from december 15,1997. i allso have the best prices.and its a irie mon tour. if you do any of my tour i know you will enjoy it and come back and spent a week there. if you gone take my tour i will be at the pier waiting for you.
Well guys I would definitely suggest a private tour its much better and you get a chance to see more, just tell me what it is you have in mind and we can expand on it because there is a lot of fun places to see in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, but just be sure to check out what everyone has to offer and see what best and what is more affordable of you, please email me at () we can work out the best price you guys....Having a good time doesn't have to cost you a lot us, looking forward to hearing from you.
The Beach is in a good location for one and their are near by Hotels that are connected to the same beach.Their's a private Beach on the location about a two minute from Sandal Beach Ocho Rios,This private Beach his own by a Jamaican. The cost is about two US Dollars along with a Bar and resturant. Their are local craft items on sale for your gifts shopping. They have boat tours and water sport.From shipping Pier to get to the Beach would be fifteen minutes drive, We would give a High light tour of the area and connect the Beach visit along for a reasonable price. The main thing is you can get to the Beach but not directly on Sandal Ocho Rios Beach.It would be such a fun to take you around. Desmond.
There are too many incredible nature spots around Ocho Rios that it would be a shame to be so close and not see them,I have my own minibus and I live in the area

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