We will be in Munich on Sun. Sept. 26. We want to attend Octoberfest. Suggestions??? Are tickets needed?


City: Munich

State: Bayern

Country: Germany


As it's a Sunday, it will be ridiculously busy. They don't sell tickets to the Oktoberfest, it's free to get in, the problem comes with finding a seat. To reserve a table, you need to announce yourself to one of the tents in January. SO, at this point my suggestion would be to go at 8:30am and good luck rushing for seats. No seat = no beer. If you fail to find a seat after 2 hours, I suggest the Hofbrauhaus across town.
If you want to be guaranteed a seat, you could always try this company that has reserved tables:
at Oktoberfest are no tickets needed. It open at 11 am and there are many many people. It is better you have no bags and annent you money.

If you have any other question - white again.

Anita Vulaj
You do not need tickets to enter. You will have difficulty with finding seats to sit in the tents unless you go during the week and before 4 pm. But rememeber many seats are reserved so can only sit in the area that is not reserved.

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