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I am flying in & out of Turkey through Istanbul from Sep 9th to Sep 16th. I seek to tailor an active FAMILY TOUR for my 9 yr old son and myself. 1) I love to stay in old city centers like the Altstadt (old town) in Zurich, Prague... etc. What's the best area to stay in Istanbul for two to three days? And what does these areas have to offer for a family trip? 2) If I am to pick a city for the remaining of my stay would Bodrum be my best choice for an active adventurous family trip at this time of the year? 3) How do we travel back and forth from Istanbul to Bodrum? 4) Any useful website to cover activities can be done in the above? 5) Any tips, advice or suggestions?


Country: Turkey


What's the best area to stay in Istanbul for two to three days?
-Answer: Taksim Square district Hotels or Sultanahmet District Hotels.
I would prefer also Bodrum as a second destination in Turkey,
to come back from Bodrum to istanbul ;there is a airport at Bodrum OR intercity buses from Bodrum to istanbul Like VARAN or ULUSOY

Thank you for your reply.

1) In order to enjoy the city, culture and food may I ask what is the best area in Bodrum to stay in?
2) How long is the bus ride from Istanbul to Bodrum? Is it a touristic ride with stops and sceneries or just a transportation?
3) No trains or ferries?
4) If I decide to stop over a night on the way from Istanbul to Bodrum, which city you'd recommend and why?

Thank you in advance for your recommendations.

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