I want to travel to Salalah from Dubai. Which is the best way?

Salalah seems like a dream destination. Which is the best means to reach Salalah from Dubai? Roughly what would be the travel cost?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


if you are looking for a real adventure then the best way is to go all the way to salalah by your own car. if you think that driving is not ur cup of tea then book a bus which u can find in Deira Dubai.Behind Dnata office next to Caravan restaurants there are many companies offering the same service. this is for the people who have time with them and wants to enjoy the tour however if u think the only attraction to you is Salalah then simply catch a flight which will be AED 1900 per person.
Best way to really ennjoy is to go by car yet it will take approx 12-18 hours drive! Other way is to take bus from Deira Bus Station but again bear in mind the long distance drive! My recommedation is to take plane to Muscat which is very reasonable and then either hire a car or take a bus direct from Muscat.
well, as they said, its a long long drive...if you want to see more of Oman before reaching Salalah of 1,000km...go by car and take your time to stop and take some photos to remember all your trips, otherwise, by bus tours which offered affordable prices, or if you want to reach salalah less that an hour, take a plane trip and thats not that expensive as less than 2,oooAED...i assure your dream will come true... enjoy!
I would say it would be best to travel by your own car ( i.e. if you have a car), provided you are not alone. Or else get in touch with any of the travel operators who would provide you with an economial package trip.
If you are not pressed for time and have the stamina to drive long hours, then traveling by road is okay. It will take you around 6-8 hours from Dubai to Muscat by land and another 12-14 hours by land to Salalah.

The best way to travel and save time and hassle is to go by air from Dubai-Muscat and catch a bus to Salalah or connecting flight via Oman Air to Salalah.

Airfare for Dubai-Muscat and return is approx Dhs 300 excluding taxes. I am not sure about Muscat to Salalah by Oman Air though.

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