Protein supplements in Saudi Arabia?

Where can I buy protein supplements in saudi Arabia? I have tried GNC but I don't like the ones they sell there. Can you recommend other places that sell other brand supplements?


Country: Saudi Arabia


Hello there

actually i dont think that there is protein supplements

in saudi Arabia other than GNC

try to google "protein supplements in saudi Arabia"

& i hope U find what UR looking 4

I can't think of any other than GNC in Saudi Arabia. If I can think of one will let you know. If you live in the Eastern province then your better option would be to travel to Bahrain, they have more supplement shops there.
You can go and ask the big pharmacies in saudi like Oxegin pharmacy in Jeddah ,or the big suppliers of medicin in saudi arabia.
well , i know GNC is not that good ..
i use ON (optimum nutrition ) and its really good , but whats ur weight and height , and how good are u at work out ,I have my people in other country who can suggest you a good one ,
just check , and
and mail me naamzzy (at) gmail . com
i will help u to get the product u chose .But chose the right one for you , optimum nutrition gold standard is the one i am using and its really great and is award winner as well, so browse and give me a msg :)
try as well
try to be lucky, and be in Jeddah
buy the product online
Protein Supplements are either not allowed in the Kingdom or are not that popular, hence you cannot find different brands in the market, but i think if you really need one and are desparate for it then you can traavel to Bahrain (i.e. if you are living in the eastern Province) and get almost any brand that you prefer. If you need any particular brand let me know and i can check it out in Bahrain and maybe get it for you, just send me a e-mail at
Have you asked the people at your local gym? They usually know where to find these things.
i dont really recomend anything other than gnc for health suppliments...because theyre the only ones who have the liccense from the ministry of health....but if you are lookin for a specific type of supplement please give me the name.

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