is there an association in Egypt that allows you to be in touch with tourists who come, age range 15-> 20 or any age at all??

i am 16 yrs and i want to find a volunteer or association that would allow me to be in touch with tourist my age, my school hosted some british students once and i loved the feeling of meeting new people and telling them about the good and the bad about egypt. so i wanted to look for a program or something that helps me in doing this.


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


Hi there you go :)

Tourist Friends Association
12 , Koleyet El Banat Project
Heliopolis, Cairo
Tel: 02-24193025, 02-24173036
( Unfortunately got no web site or e-mail address )

And there , on facebook. Cheers

The website address is . I'm not sure that they can provide what you are looking for but maybe they can :-)
Alright MR user... with in the next 24 hours am just going to do a research , and help you out with a great idea, but please give me more information about yourself
actually am new in this program and i know the feeling u are talking about but am sorry i can`t help u as i said am new here .
Good morning !
there is a association that would allow to contact tourist child's them name is they can help you with that .
Hi there - sounds like you are a tourist guide in the making :-) I'm sorry I don't think I can help you any further.. but I wish you all the very best

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
well,first welcome to you in in egypt but actuality
i don't understand are you coming to egypt alone or with group or family? if you with group of students i think there is many travel agency that may help you.
Tourists Friends Assocition
I was a member 1983, it was at Kasr El NIl St., Down Town.
If you need more help.
Pls Contact me by E-Mail.
there is to many u have to looking for some one can care about u also if u would like so message me or add me on tis and u will be welcome anytime ( FORE FREE )
well i am a 17 years old egyptian and i also would like to do that. So u can take me as a volunteer ;)
but about the association thing i don't think so, but you can wait maybe some1 we'll post smthin. where are u from?
ok i am ready if u like me to be volunteer for guide all in good places in egypt my my name is osama and i am working as life guard and swimmer captain in resta hotel portsaid and i can make more discount for all with wonderfull program if u like to contact me call me 0020120794020 or
yes sure tourist friends its very important so w have one association in Cairo

Tourist Friends Association
12 , Koleyet El Banat Project
Heliopolis, Cairo
Tel: 02-24193025, 02-24173036
sure and there is a lot of civil associations offer a lot of volunteer works and I offer in my website some volunteer works too which including a tours plus time we spend in special needs orphan shelters and that is my website and there is other website for one of the association you can check it and for any contact with me i am happy to guide you you can contact me on .

Looking forward to hearing from you soon
i'm sorry i don't know any thing about sorry
Tourist Friends Association ‫للاستعلام عن تفاصيل الاتصال على
الأستاذة / مي مصطفي
ت / 0143153335 – 0179765260

good luck
Hi, sure tere is many associations allow you to be in touch with Egyptians in your age. I advice to be in touch with local people and stay in one of the hotels I know where you can meet tourists in your age. I can plan a program to you which will be useful and fits your interest and economy as student.
pls.:if you have any question welcome to call me any time or send me e-mail
+20 12 820 75 70 or + 20 11 067 0 824 Skype name: samystj
mail :

u must ask about a friend from egypt to tell u all u need dont ask for association
so any help u can mail me
Dear user

As many here mentioned the tourism friend association which is true , but if you are 16 i think better you go to ask about the program of your school or other schools for hosting student tourists , i would recommend you American and British schools.

Enjoy your time

unfortunately there is no a association in Egypt for that but you can arrange with any travel agency or tour operator in your country and by the way it is good idea
I dont personally know of any organisaions that specialise in teenagers.I have asked some of my collegues but unfortunately we cannotoffer you any onformation at this time, sorry.
Yours Carolyn Sallouma
Maadi cherch, There is a program for youg and youth . I think you will find friends there and it's nice for you
Thank you

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