Hi! I would like to know what you know about & would you offer the Paradise Bay Resort Hotel or Seashells Suncrest Hotel Malta?Thanks


Country: Malta


Paradise Bay is way up in the north of Malta. Nice beach there but don't know too much about the hotel. If you are the type who likes 'fish & chips' and commercialised locations then Qawra and the Suncrest is for you. Qawra is very much over-commercialised and you will be very hard pressed to find a really good restaurant. For all round enjoyment try the St. Julians Hotel in St. Julians Bay (just a short walk from the nightlife and the best restaurants in town).
There is no St. Julian's Hotel. The writer is probably referring to the Juliani Hotel - a very pleasant boutique hotel in St. Julian's.
Phil, you will find good restruants also in Qawra and the surrounding areas. as to the best resturants in town(st Julians), well the most expansive ones maybe, but the best are located well outside of both qawra and St Julians,
Paradise Bay Hotel has a much mote isolated location and you'd need a car to het anywhere but if you just want to chill, sunbathe and swim it's fine. Suncrest is located in Malta's 'Torremolinos' so if pubs and burgers are your style just go for it. Another very nice hotel at the northernmost tip of Malta is the Riviera Hotel and Spa. Probably nicer than both hotels you mentioned. Taxi boat to Cpmino outside the door and Goxo ferry along the road.
But Julian, I think that compared to other countries like Scotland or even Cyprus, you cannot say that any location in Malta is isolated. With a rented car you can reach the other end of the island in less then 45 minutes!
Paradise Bay Hotel is the furthest hotel you find in the North of Malta. its a very nice and good 4star Hotel. good facilities and service. its location makes it ideal for those who prefer more quite locations. night life outside the hotel is NIL, you would be better if you had a car with you here. it has a private sandy beach, and a stone throw away from the sister islands of Gozo and Comino.

Suncrest, is bang right in the middle of Qawra, St Paul's Bay, again in the North of you will find both good resturants, and avreage ones, good in the senc eof fine dining here.

it depends what you are loking for and what you plan doing

Malta. asa hotel, its a good hotel as well, good food and services. close by there are many bars, and
I myself would definately prefer the Suncrest as it is in a central location which is within easy distance of shops, restaraunts, bars and the local night life also it has some beautiful sea views and the paradise bay is in an isolated location in comparison
I think it depends on the type of holiday you are looking for. Paradise bay hotel should be good for a relaxing holiday, away from the busy touristic life which the Suncrest hotel offers. Paradise bay hotel is also not far away from the Gozo channel ferry which you can use to take a trip to the sister island of Gozo and maybe then to Comino, for some relaxing at Blue Lagoon beach. Suncrest hotel as other authors have pointed out is more central, closer to pubs, restaurants and nightlife activities.
The Seashells suncrest is situated in the heart of a summer nightlife centre. Qawra and the neighbouring Bugibba are very busy during the summer months, and full of restaurants, bars, pubs, entertainment centres, cinema, etc. A bus service is within walking distance. Although I have not stayed at the hotel myself, people who have told me that its service is excellent and the environment welcoming. On a minus note, if you plan on swimming in the sea, the area is known to get polluted and the beaches and swimming areas are overcrowded. Moreover, there aren't any significant sandy beaches where children can play.
Paradise Bay Hotel is located in a more remote area and you would need a car to get around. On the plus side, it is situated right next to the boat ferries to Gozo, Malta's sister island, and enjoy a fabulous view of Gozo and Comino on one side, and paradise bay on the other. Paradise bay is a tiny sandy beach 2 mins away (by car) from the hotel, just beneath a cliff. 5 mins away, there is Marfa beach and, a bit further on, Ghadira Bay, one of the most favourite spots, also ideal for barbecues. In Ghadira you can also find restaurants, bars, etc.
I don't know anyone who stayed at the hotel, so I can't tell you what the service there is like.
The Seashells Suncrest Hotel is situated just a short bus ride away from the popular seaside resorts of Bugibba and Qawra. Try to get a room with a seaview. The hotel itself is clean and the food is fine. The staff are generally helpful. As for the Paradise Bay hotel, the most important question to ask yourself is that, if you won't be driving your own car would you enjoy doing a lot of traveling in our buses.
? The hotel is located at the very northern tip of the island, and although the surroundings are very peaceful, you don't get any nightlife there and there are no particular attractions nearby except for the views and the sea of course. On the other hand the ferry to the sister island of Gozo is right next to the hotel. The hotel itself is mostly clean and the food is average but good. The staff are OK too. It's hard to choose between the two hotels. I think your choice of transport, would determine which one to choose between the two. Good-Luck!

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