Hello i would like to know about secure club in Nairobi?

Security should be part and parcel of life, and life exists where secure environment is in place.


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


A secure club would be gypsys bar in westlands or mercury lounge at abc place also in westlands. Try blue bistro lounge in hurlingham it's new and good ambiance & crowd.
Asante Sana! ;-)
k klub,simmers,Visa place,Trattoria
Nairobi safari club conveniently located within the Central Business District and only 5 minutes walk from the Kenyatta International Conference Centre.Its a secure place where one can relax with no worries.The Club is an ideal starting point for safaris and other places of tourist interest.The Hotel offers both local and International Cuisine to suit every Customer. A fully equipped Gym, Steam Bath, Sauna and an Outdoor Heated Swimming Pool compliments the overall guest comfort.....
Hi, there so many clubs which are secure like club gallileo which is in Nairobi westlands and carnivore which is in Langata road they are both very secure.
There are several secure clubs in Nairobi, the general rule of thumb is to avoid the clubs located in the downtown areas of the central business district. Clubs in streets like river road, accra road, luthuli avenue...should be avoided.
Hi, Black Diamond in Westlands, Nairobi is good and secure. Good music too.
There are quite an number of secure clubs. I'd say go with Galileo and the Brew Bistro, really awesome. But if you don't want to be in the same place the whole night then you can park in a strategic place in Westlands and check the scene
The Cats Club Discotheque is the most secure club I know in Nairobi,it is situated in Safari park Hotel and the goodness with it is that it is a combination of a pub, discotheque and karaoke not forgetting the unrivaled acrobats entertainers of safari Park called the the safari cats who will make your night unforgettable.Try and you will never miss again.
Nairobi is secure infact its turning to a 24hr place, you can try the intercontinental hotel, africana hotel live bands in kitengela,club Galileo good music in westlands ,the great carnivore in langata. these places wont disappoint you try one .
The Spot Pool Bar, Ngong Road. Off the hook.
most clubs in Nairobi have secure and well trained security personnel Galileo is one club with the best security so you can try it.
guess the new galileo,in westlands is a secure place...overal westlands,hurlingham and upmarkets lavington kilimani are relativerly secure places...all in all you need to ensure your personal security at all time like in all major cities around the world.
i would recomend gypsys in westlands for you and also casablanca in adams
Hi thea,1 that beatz all iz 'BLUE SPRINGS'along thika road,u can enjoy while watching tha construction of THIKA-NAIROBI highway.
Kenya has many clubs and especially in the westland area,cant pinpoint the most save club but would advice for a first time visitor to alwasy be accompanied by someone who reall know kenya well.thanks
will also tell that traveller just the same like you bruder
We live in an unsafe world but we should however be always on the look out.The traveler can be safe in the company of a local person and also dont walk latenights.A taxi would be a good idea.All the same West lands area is not so badly of.
This a good question. Security is definitely it is important. Ranalo is secure being in the city center. Tratorria is also very secure
Depends on what you would like to do,as there are clubs for parting and private clubs and disco places.If you are new to NAirobi then it better to go Klub House which is in Parklands to get that kenyan feeling or Iguana,Galileo,Carnivore SImba Saloon,Muthaiga Club,a private members club etc.
Club Bettiez is the best club, being in the city center and in between two five star hotels , it's security is guaranteed, Kenyan police men can be seen around there since they are at the Casino just opposite New starnely.
There is Kings Element Club and restuarant around daggoretti corne.
The best club in town is unmistakably the United Kenya Club; situated on the leafy area of State House Road, the United Kenya Club offers one the kind of secure and serene ambiance that is unmatched on this part of the world. The UKC boasts an expansive parking lot and a round-the-clock security system. With its clientele of who is who in society, the UKC leaves nothing to chance.
As a professional: Club Galileo (Westlands), Bistro (Westlands), Nairobi Safari Club (Central Bisuness District) If I need security for you, these are my recommendations.
secure club in Nairobi is the BLACK DIAMOND in westland have also a bars terrace and you have the CASABLANCA in kilimani
security in Nairobi has been o.k this days but you can check Nairobi safari club and visa place.
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Hi, guys my company BOSSAFE SAFE ENTERPRISE which deals with security in and outside the city clubs and out door functions, many have told you the clubs which are safe and secured, I can assure you of a club like BLACK DIAMOND in westlands, CLUB GALILEO in westland, NAIROBI SAFARI CLUB in Nairobi central business district, this are just but afew clubs that my company is working with within the city and its environment in terms of security. If you wish i can help you manage to be safe in a club of your choice. TAKE CARE.
There is safety in numbers.
Now currently the throbbing and latest clubbing is done in westlands. There is secure parking and lots of bouncers at the entrance and going round in the club itself and best of all there are many clubs to choose from including :- Rezoras, Red Tape , Choices and Sohos. Any one of these is safe and fun and they are already favoured by many tourists because of their close proximity to each other hence one can club hop on foot!

Have fun and you will be safe.


hi i beleive the carnivore restaurant nairobi,is the most safest and modern club in nairobi,they also have authentic food,ample parking and they are near the airport and nairobi safari park..
A good secure club in Nairobi is the secret Lounge, opposite Aliance Francais. Its extremely secure and the ambience attracts a good class of people.
Nairobi has many clubs but normally te secure clubs are in town center and westlands of the city.
I think you first prioritize the clubs in Nairobi Uptown and Westlands and you can also look for trusted person who can accompany you in your quest. You can also outsource clubs just outside Nairobi like carnivore.
There are many safe and secure clubs in Kenya. The ones I would vouch for are Club Liquid at the Panari Sky Center, Club Nest in Ngong and Club Velvet along Waiyaki Way.
There are many more options that you can explore once you are in the city.
there are soo many clisz in nairobi especially westlands where mostly is frequented by foreigners but its always good to be acompanied by a local or ask taxi guys
Nairobi has many clubs, carnivore off Langata road is a secure club, one of the safest.
there are so many safe clubs in Nairobi,depending with your budget,taste of music,or what defines a safe club to you? you can choose from the list.gazebo upper hill,crown plaza hotel,panari sky center,Havelis and zebra capital center,Galileo laonge,dolce,rezoras,etc the list is endless
the best clubs are not just the expensive clubs try also Westlands
How are yuo? i can organize for you a nice club in nairobi where by you can go for drink at night and dance... Carnivore restaurant.. and many more see our website
I'd say Black Diamond in the westlands. But clubbing generally can be unsafe just try to be in the company of some you trust and knows the terrrain well with that you can feel safe and have a good time too.
Hie, i have a choice of four which i think would suit you, psys and rim clubs at langata shopping centre, kiss50 and legend in rongai. They even have bouncers for your own safety.I would suggest you be accompanied by a trusted local.Good day
you can try simmers in cbd, 680 hotel
crooked qs,A hip pub and restaurant thats been recently renovated.
one of the oldest clubs in the Nairobi scene and attracts the best of the local and foreign clientele.
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Caribana Bar & Grill,Caribana is a tastefully ambient whisky & cocktail bar in Hurlingham just outside the city centre. Enjoy the best of grills in the region while listening to lively music ranging from soul, pop, rock dance and african/world music. Mature crowds.
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i think Undecided and Gypsys are good and safe in general clubs to visit. they are both located in westlands area and have parking facilities.

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