I want to take a year off of school and live in Buenos Aires. What is the job availability like for young people? 20 years old...

...specifically :)


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


If u speak perfect english or other languages such as italian, german or french it would be very easy for you to work in a callcenter. It´s a part time job (g hs per day) and u´ll earn enough money to live here. I already worked in two call centers here, one in english and one in italian and they are always hiring. The biggest one here is Teletech. U can apply online at website.
It´s essential that u get a working visa or residency certificate. That allows you to work legally in Argentina.
You can also try working in a hostel. They might even let you live there.
I was about to suggest you the same thing. Cheers!
yes, a hostel to start is the best...

Hi there! you can work as a TEFL teacher in companies / English institutes. Many companies hire English native speakers.
Check this site website (go to "oportunidades laborales" and then Rubro 1: EMPRESAS, once in there, look for post No 9).
Hope this's helped you! :)
maybe you can find a job in a call center, you need a permission to work here, you´ll find something good. as a shop assistant, too
its depend in what you like to do, there are many things to do. you can work in a disco , supermarket, library, all kind of jobs to young people
Wow, it s very difficult for young people to find a job, I think u can find a place working in a hostel, if u speak english, or in a restaurant for tourist, if u speak a foreign language u have, chances.
The whole residency and work visa is quite difficult to obtain here if you do not marry an Argentine or have several thousand dollars to invest. This could take up to or more than a year to even while it sounds like a good idea to work in a call center, it is not as easy as it sounds. Being a foreigner, like myself, your best options are to work under the table. I have put up fliers and taken out small ads in the newspapers stating "Native English Speaker for Conversations Classes" and have had great results. I hold my classes in a quite bar. Otherwise, I agree, a Hostel would be another great option.
How is your Spanish?

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