Hi everyone!! I´m going to Toronto next week! I have some questions for you! 1. Having already the hotel in toronto, how much...

...would I spend per day, in food? (average) 2. I really want to go to Montréal and Quebec, which is the safest and cheapest way to go, and how many days did you recommend me at least?? 3. If i arrive without hotel there, would it be easy to get a room without booking before? how much per night?? 4.What about the weather?? Its rainy and windy right?? Thanks a lot for providing me with the information!! :)


City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada


Hello there,which hotel did you book?
If you have not booked yet I will be able to help you if you are on budget.
the weather is a bit iffy here in Toronto this time of the year but hopefully it'll be nice by the time you get here.
email me if you got any more questions..

1.Food: Minimum $ 3 per meal, approx $ 10 per day (on a budget).
2.Montreal and Quebec city, cheapest & safest way to go is the Grey Hound Bus, there's an hourly service from Toronto. Two full days is the minimum recommendation per city.
3.Very easy to get a room in Toronto, but the rates will be high, so I'd advise go online and book the room - - -
4. Weather is so great right now, next week would be just perfect.

I'd suggest you take a scenic tour to The North, it's called The Polar Express, leaves from Cochrane, and you'll be able to see The Northern Lights as well.

Welcome To Canada!
weather - unpredictable, going from +16 to -10degrees celsius, rainy and windy...
for transportation, try porter air, or coach canada, or via rail. Either and all are great. Depends on the time you have and the money you want to spend.
Good luck and have fun

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