Places to visit from Copenhagen?

We have already planneda trip to Skagen. But I don't know much about the place and what to do there. Need your advise regarding this.Also want to know what other places are there to visit enroute to Skagen. Where should we stay? How many days in each place?


City: Copenhagen

County: Kobenhavn

Country: Denmark


Just in case; Skagen are not near Copenhagen. But a very beautiful place in Denmark.
In Copenhagen: Lots of places. We have a sightseeingbus. The bus drives from Højbroplads, near Christiansborg and Gammelstrand. It's a good idea, most because it will drives you around for seeing some special and importan turist places.
Another place if you have children or likes speed and lots of fun : Tivoli, a very big amusement park in center of CPH.
I'll make a list for you for importen places, special in center, of CPH:
Den lille havfrue
Kanalrundfart in the canals in center of CPH.
Vor Frue Kirke
Det gamle universitet
Brotanisk have
Kongens nytorv
Dyrehaven (not center)

I tryed to satisfy all kind of "wishes", because you don't tell me the age of you, interest and so on :) I tryed my best!

Other thing who's typical danish:
Hotdogs (eating)
The free bicykles in center, whit a map in front of the bike
Carlsberg or Tuborg Beer

Most of things you can google, and maybe find it on a map and then make a tour. Copenhagen is not a very big city, and if the weather will be well, you can walk between the things or take the S-tog, Metro or Bus. All is very fast and cheap.
A very good website is:
And you can look pictures and maybe get other ideas.

Enjoy the trip :)
Skagen is a very charming place, it used to be the midpoint for a very famous painters colony back at the end of the nineteen century. On the way to Skagen, once you do the sightseeings in Copenhagen, you can as well visit Odense and the H.C. Andersen museum, and Århus, which is the second largest city in Denmark and boast quite a lot of interesting places, like Den Gamle By museum,The Old Town, and discover how life was in the old days here in Denmark.

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