Hoping to retire in Ecuardor and would like to know best procedure for obtainiing a residents visa before leaving UK. Also need info on vets

Also, need information on costs for my pet labrador. I know he will need lots of vaccinations but also he will need ongoing veterinary check ups etc.


City: Quito

Province: Pichincha

Country: Ecuador


I would suggest you find legal advice from a local lawyer once you get to Ecuador. I have knowlege that the 3 fastest ways to get a residents visa is either marrying an ecuadorian citizen, Investors Visa or work visa. Best thing is to consult about this with a profesional.
I recommend Pet Wash for your pet:
Many documents that you need for the various Visa types have to come from your country and have to be certified by your government to satisfy the Ecuadorian government. There are many lawyers in Quito who specialize in the visa process. It depends on your budget for legal expenses. I suggest that you contact a lawyer here before you begin the process.
I live in Ecuador with a resident visa 10-IV received like a mother of the ecuadorian citizen. It was rather easy receive in Ministerio de Relacines Exteriores in Quito. Here`s some information about residence visas from Embassy of Ecuador in US. I Guess that in your case the paperwork should be very simular . But anyway you should contact your local ecuadorian embassy for the more precise information.
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