What's the best place to visit after Mekkah and Madina, in terms of having fun and enjoying the nature, whether greenery or sea. A...



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At first i say mekkah and madina is not a place to have fun it is a place to worship.if you are talking in sense of historical places i will mension some place other than this two is Mada,in saleh,al jouf,tabuk,taif etc.But in the sense of relax and have fun at first i say farsan island,damam,taif,jizan,abha,abuhur & shoiba beach in jeddah.

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Actually there are so many places to visit in Saudi Arabia, such as Taif for the greenery, Jeddah, Dammam, Khobar and Jubail for the beach.
A good place to relax where there is a nice beach would be Jeddah or Khobar. The first is on the West coast the second East coast.
Try Al-hasa oasis in the southeast near qatar. Hot springs,caves, hiking. or Jubail for the beaches.
If are not able to go out of Jeddah, You can have tour in jeddah it self ,Like Do shoping in the Big Malls (Red Sea Mall) enjoy the food ,jeedah very famous on food,thier is food from all the world in jeedah,then you go to the see side ,Kornish jeddah and Kornish Obhor, for more Info
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if your comming for omrah then you will aready be on the west side. while you are in makkah there is places you need to visit ( Gar Heraa and Jabal Thour ), while in Maddinah there is Jaba Ohod, Masged AL-Qiblatin and you can go to Madaien Saleh wich is near to Madinah. you next stop might be in Yanbu it is a small city by the sea will orgonized with beautifull beaches and resorts. It is too quit and you wont find malls and shoping centers but it is the hot spot for divers and snorkalling fans. Ofcourse there is Jeddah but i guess you know all about it allready.
Like all my friends say be4

Jeddah,Khobar,Dammam,Jubail = sea & relaxing in the beach

Abha,Taif = Greenary

Riyadh = Desert & sand games & camels :D

& BTW Abha,Khamees Moshayt have a very nice falls
but not every body knows where it is so U can ask
any one from the locals about it

i hope i helped :D :D
here what you can do,
just get into a good hotel in Jeddah that can allow you access to any of the private beaches, since beaches are not public, those public are low profile!
Malls, are not fun, i guess!
but you can go scuba-diving, or do few water activites, take a boat! do fishing! get some tan to go home and show! of course you can have a tatoo as well! and you can check the following
Jeddah, Jaz Barr,
Jeddah, Int'l Music Festival
Jeddah, it is the French Movies' time
and of course best of all, Jeddah' Musee' du Louvre!

Ciao! mais, appele moi pour hilfe!
Thanks, that was really useful
If you are travelling for a short period say a week or two, you might go for the nearby areas like Durrat el Arous, a private beach compound north of Jeddah airport for roughly 30 km. It has all the modern amenities of a beach resort. You can rent a 'villa' for 400 to 600 USD/night (during weekdays; more expensive during weekends) and roam around the compound. If you are fond of scuba diving, you can find service providers at the marina. Or you might even want to cruise on red sea shorelines aboard a yacht or ride jetskis. In Jeddah, you can go to Al-Balad and see old Jeddan culture and architecture. If you want to bike on desert dunes, you can proceed to Bahrah. It is a sleepy town approx. 40 kms east of Jeddah. There are ATBs (all-terrain bikes)there for rent.

If you want greeneries, you can climb up to Taif (200+ kms) though it is much advisable to have a local go with you there. You can find excellent hilltop weather over there. There is also a cable car ride available to entertain yourself with the marvels of dry rock mountains.

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Apart from Makkah and Madinah, you can have a tour of Jeddah, which is of course among the top three cities of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah has a variety of places according to the needs and moods. Malls fill up the place for Shopping. The Corniche strip up to Abhur will be a fun expereince with sea view. If you are a fan of huge waves, visit the corniche area near the Hilton Hotel in the mid of the Lunar months. If hill stations are part of your interests, then Taif wud be the closest one to Makkah. Visit the Shifa area if you want to catch the clouds with your bare hands. Abha will also be the best hillstation. The cable car ride will surely be a pleasant experience.
There are a variety oif places you can visit for fun. You just need to discover them.....
sea >>>> Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail
Nature+greenery >>>> Abha, baha
modern crowded cities (shopping) >>> Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and Khobar

have a nice day lady
The best place for Greenary would be Abha and somewhat Taif also. As for the sea if you like remote areas then in the western region i would prefer Yanbu and in the Eastern region, Jubail
relaxation has many places to go to....beach resorts such as continental beach and sheraton beach are very nice places to relax in can find them in a magazine called jeddah today found in supermarkets...youll find everything you need...
you can difinately visit Jeddah .. its the best place in the shore of the red sea .. you contact me to give you more details or coordinate something for you

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