Hello! I am interested in steam cog railway tour. Are there any in your area?


Country: Romania


Hello! I've never heard about something like that but you can ask at the Central Railway Station in any city.
Have a good trip!
Thank you for your answer, Alina!
Hello !

I send you a link to find more about "Mocanita" :

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Gabriel MANDU
Thanks, Gabriel!
Zdravo Jadranka,

u RO ima samo jako malo "steam train", nazalost... Most famous is by far the one in the wild Vaser Valley, starting in the small city of Viseu de Sus; it's in the Maramures County, in the north, actually very close to the border to Ukraine. Some 30 km, easily bookable (so very accessible to normal tourists).

Another one, but shorter (some 14-15 km) and less wild (but still through beautiful scenery) would be the steam railwway in the Moldovita Valley. It's in the Bucovina (also north, but a bit further east from Maramures).

In our region (the Banat), quite near to the border to the Ukraine, we have no steam locomotives BUUUT we have a very spectacular mountain route (much more spectacular than the routes above), between Anina and Oravita. It was built by the Austrians in the mid 1800s (ca. 1844-1860), and is in fact very similar to the super-famous "Semmeringer Bahn" in Austria.

Hope this helped / nadam se, da je to nesto pomaglo,

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