Can you recommend an apartment for rent in Toronto?

I will move to Toronto in a few months and I am looking for a furnished apartment to rent. I'm looking for something that doesn't go beyond $1,200 a month. I originally wanted it to be in The Annex or St. Lawernce Market areas but every property that I saw on the internet were so expensive. Do you think i should wait until i get there and hook up with rental agencies to get the best deals? Or is there a website that you can recommend that i visit? Please help. I'd really appreciate your advice. Thank you.


City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada


Furnished basement appartments in Toronto and Surrounding areas (also known as GTA), go for $ 700-800 per month, they have basic minimum furniture, all bills (utilities, cable, internet) inclusive, including at-least 1 parking. Majority of them have washer dryers included. This is the norm in Toronto. However, they'd require 1 year's comittment. Surrounding areas of Toronto are Brampton, Mississauga, North York, Scarborough, and Vaughan (within 1 hour's drive at the most in rush hour).

When I first moved to Toronto, I took a 3 month, unfurnished stacked town house for rent, coat me $ 900, nothing included, from
When my brother moved here, he got his place from and if you still want to go with rental agencies, contact them before embarking on the journey, why pay $ 2-300 extra for 2-3 days of motel, no point.
Hey there.

This may have help you till you get your feet wet with the agencies, or just landlords.
Good luck.

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