How much money do I have to take to germany for a 2 weeks travel? I'll arrive tin Frankfurt , then I'm staying 5 days in Cologne and...

...then I'll travel to Hannover. Hotel, plane and train tickets are already paid, but no food is included. Is there any cheap way to make it? street food, common dishes, beer?


Country: Germany


Hey there,
when it comes to beer in Germany the cheapest way is to buy it in any foodstore/market/place cause everybody has an alcohol liscense to sell and therefor it is very cheap ( starts with like 60 cent a beer ) and it is common to drink in public. If you go into bars it is cost friendlier to go into pubs rather than lounges etc. but i think it is pretty much the same all over hte world.
The most common street food is still the´- Döner - something you probably know as a kebap. Other than that the street food is fairly cheap and the next step up would be the traditional old restaurant where you get the food that hasn´t changed ages ( which is a good thing . You should defenitly try the Prok Bun is cologne in the old part of the city ( its called Schweinebrötchen ). As well try the Liver ( veal ) in one of the cities oh and the Flammkuchen ( don´t know how to call it in english ) in Cologne, its brilliant and cheap.
Hope this helps a bit,

cheers Matthias
There are a lot of street food options, and like Matthias mentioned, there is a lot of inexpensive, tasty Turkish food. Bakeries often have cheap options (sandwiches, etc.) too. A huge sausage runs about 2€.

Are you traveling with other people, or will you have access to a refrigerator? One of the best things about traveling with other people or staying someplace with a refrigerator is that you can go grocery shopping. No-frills chains include Aldi, Norma, Lidl, and Plus, but even bigger chains like Tegut and Rewe have inexpensive options. Instead of paying 5€ for a hotel breakfast, you could easily buy a loaf of bread, a package of cheese, a package of sausage, a block of butter, and a carton of juice, which is what your hotel breakfast would most likely be, anyway. Split the cost with someone else or put it in an available fridge to eat the next day.

If a breakfast buffet is included for free as part of your hostel, make yourself some sandwiches for later in the day.
Matthias and Erica Haas have satisfactorily answered your question and I will not like to repeat what they have already said. Hope you will enjoy your trip.
Matthias has given you a good surround info. But nevertheless, why do you stop your travel at Hannover? You must stay in BERLIN, otherwise you havent seen nothing at all! And BERLIN is the cheapest and most wanted capital city in Europe.
Grettings from Berlin.
Hi from Bavaria... which is much further south of where you are going to travel. But I want to give you one advice more: If you do not want to eat at street vendors all the time, then look for restaurants (mostly Chinese/Thai) that serve lunch deals - usually around 5-6 Euros for a full meal that costs at least 3-4 Euros more in the evening.
Serving time between 11.30 and 14.30 - you must remember the tradition in Germany is to have your BIG dinner at lunch time ! In Bavaria you would eat a lot of pork, or nowadays chicken, but I have no idea what it is up north... Wiener Schnitzel is typical traditional German food, a pork slice of meat...
As to beer, in Cologne they drink dark beer called "Kölsch" which is served in small glasses (or bottles), only 0,2 liters !!! But then people do not stay in one pub all night, but go from bar to bar... and drink 0.2 everywhere... so by the end of the night you are drunk anyway....
Have fun! And if you come to Munich/Bavaria - you will get the blonde beer that is served in 0.5 ltr. or 1 liter mugs !!! Much better !
Take care, Maria-Anna

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