hi i am travelling to bangkok and pattaya with my wife and want to go around both the places and explore the night life and have...

...ablast any help mail meat


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Depends what you mean by having a blast. Both Bangkok and Pattaya have fantastic night life but be more specific. If you need help or someone to show you around you can contact me.
I can help you with Bangkok for places...depend on what scale you are looking for...from posh => Bed Supper Club, Sirrocco for drink or Long Bar, Q Bar. Actually, Sukhumvit Soi 11 is a good place to start the night... For younger crowd, move to RCA (Royal City Avenue)... down to earth like Kao San Road...

Check out the Bangkok CityScoops book or . There are more places listed there...

Have fun.../ S.
hi, for night life that u can find at both places bangkok and pattaya. in Pattaya i would recommend for ICE Bar -5 and also walking street area. there r many bars that you can enjoy the drinks and shows. for Bangkok, in sukhumvit area, RCA (for teenagers meeting at night) and many places. if u'd like me to show u around, just contact me. i'll show u both bangkok and pattaya.
don't miss Tiffany's shows. I am going to Pattaya during 7-8 May 09 on my "60 day around Thailand" mission maybe we meet.
My favorite night life in bkk are those in Sukhumwit soi 11 and walking street pattaya, there are load and diff kind clubs, bar beer, Marine disco trance club, ago go, insomnia, ice bar, etc....

or if u want to go to the club where most local goes will be Hollywood, differ (near big c-norht), Excite (3rd rd), issan tawandang... now u have choices
have fun....
When you arrive in Bangkok, go to the newspaper stand and buy Metro Magazine. That shows you everything about resto's, pubs, nightlive, shopping, ... the "not to miss" guide for Bangkok.
Heloo Sandeep,
Try to be here during festival season like Songran.(April 14)Buy the sim card from airport,Just give a call 0819333828.I will give u best options to hang around and enjoy the night life.
I can speak thamil also.

Heartly welcome.

Pattaya is a sh-t hole unless you are a lonely old man. I would look at Koh Samed or Hua hin. They are also beaches close to Bangkok.
Dear Sundeep
Welcome to Thailand
Please let me know how many days you have in hand planned for both the places, as there are so many places to look around and have a blast
Are you interested in appointing a guide to look around?
Have you already booked the tours for sightseeing etc.?
When is your arrival?
Theresa Sanghavi

You will enjoy yourself in the paradise at both cities. Are you sure you would like to explore the night live and have a blast with your madam? loll...!
i agree for Tiffany show in Pattaya .. the place where you can see an amazing show from trans gender Thai girl.
and in BKK ... if you need to get a chance to met travelers from around the world in the cheap cost...Khao Sarn Rd, would be your choice....
but...if you need to be in style.., Sukhumvit area would be nice!!!
I can show you everything you want in Pattaya. Has been living here for 8 years. Just contact me, and i will make all the necessary arrangements.
Night life in Bangkok try SIlom Sala deung BTS Station but depending on what you are looking for... same as Pattaya but mostly bar (walking street close to the beach) kind of red district so I am not sure that is what you wanna see
Dear Traveller
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