Dear Ms. I have planning going to Bangkok in this December 2010. Becaused I will coming lonely and never come to Bangkok before, I need your service as my tour guide. I will staying in Bangkok between 23-26 December 2010. Therefore only 3 fulldays. Would you send the email about the fee what I should pay ? Please give to me about your tour programs too. Thanks and I am waiting for your news. Regards ANANDA HANDOKO


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


will you be staying Bangkok only or would like to also travel outside Bangkok as well, please be a little more specific about your trip. Do you already have a place to stay? Which way that you would like to get around town? Do you need a ride from the airport? I will await for your detail, then I can help you guesstimate on the expenses...
hello.Please give more details of your interests and budget , this is christmas time and is not celebrated as in many other countries.Are you on holiday or buisiness,I can then give you more iformation, cheers Derek.
I may be able to help you out:) I have an apartment for rent in the city center of Bangkok--and I can arrange for your airport transfer-- Though Bangkok is a nice and friendly city, traveling alone ..can be unsafe,...sometimes... Where are you from, may I ask??
Need your budget and your interest?
hi thank you for u mail ofc i can be u guide and do u think i can be?? hehe hope to know about u more

have a nice day
Make sure the guide has a license from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. That is the law here. If the tourist police see your guide is not licensed guide you both will be fined up to 40,000 Thai baht.

Get your guide from an eco-culture friendly tour operator. Here are the three basic guidelines for real eco-tourism in Thailand:

# 1. The willingness and ability to maintain or improve the environment.

# 2. The ability and the willingness for proper control when visiting ethnic peoples and villages in such a way that they can continue to maintain their natural being, customs, traditions and lifestyle.

# 3. The ability and willingness of the tour operator to donate some profits to the people in the villages they visit and in helping protect and improve nature and the environment.
Okay but What would you like to do and your interest in BKK
Greetings to you. I would take Randy's answer and please do take the advise of using a Tourism Authority of Thailand approved guide? The penalties of running foul of this law has serious consequences. Have a wonderful time here.'s the best time that u will be in thailand.not too hot.3 days quite short i guess only can go around bkk we can start by temple tour from the first day at the grand palace ,thai traditional massage school (wat po)and Kaa sarn rd. day at the wholesale place (Platinum Pratunam) or weekends market. after shop.u can see the whole bkk by dinner at bai yoke sky the most tallest building in bkk.and the last day we can go the ancient city not far from bkk,museum.....and u can have a seafood very cheap at the china town.
Dear User133477
Healthcarebangkok is not business but we can help you like without pay money for us.
Please tell me what your programme because we would like to organize what you want.
If you have some help from us ,please contact with me by email: or you can find out by facebook

We care you like friend ,not business

Looking forward to hearing from you


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