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cheap round trip rio to ao paulo


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


chepast flights to and fron Rio are by Azul Airways , Check their site at
Hi. If you live outsides Brazil and if y aren't Brazilian, you may get a 'Brazil-Airpass' which will cost you ~100U$.With this ticket y may fligh to 5 different cities in Brazil. Another very good option is to travel with very comfortable overland busses, connecting the country.
You want a cheap flight from Rio to where?
I'll give you the best companies:

There's a company called Azul, but they fly to few cities.
There's another company called webjet, but they have the same problem as Azul Airlines.

Oh, I see, you want to go to São Paulo.
You can check the air companies that I gave you above, because it depends on many things, each one is cheaper in one particular moment, for example, I'm going back to Rio tonight flying TAM, and I'll be back to São paulo on monday Flying GOL.
Look for flights FROM/TO GIG/GRU airports
GIG - Aeroporto Internacional do Galeão / Tom Jobim - RJ
GRU - Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos - SP
A roundtrip ticket with Gol Airlines costs R$ 379,00.They have a shuttle service between the two cities.
Rio-Santos Dumont airport, Sao Paulo-Congonhas .These airports are located close to downtown,which is really convenient.Prices are of course subject to change.It all depends when you travel.Your best bet would be to buy your ticket at the day of departure.Keep an eye out for promotions.TAM Airlines also has a shuttle service.
Flight time is about 30 minutes
(Gol Airlines)

By the way, here are the exchange rates in dollar and euro
as of 03/27/2009
dollar 2.23 euro 3.04
Hope to have given you the info needed.Any further questions,please ask.
Best regards
Roland Meyer/Paraty Brazil
By airplanes.:

travel link)
The first and second web addresses are more cheap companies. Submarino has several companies avaiable!
Gol and Tam are the main airlines between Santo Dumond airport of Rio and Congonias of Sao Paulo they do not accept thogh purchases with a non Brasilian credit card , but you may get round it by going through a company such as Decolar
The flight can be cheap and also expensive it all depends de date the hour and if you take a return you can find them from 75 to 600 reais
check out and
Go to , , . They have night-time-, final leg-, e-booking, and/or other such offers, that pop up (and down) all the time. A new possible option is . Webjet is usually the worst bet of all, but here's the link: . All their sites have English versions, so browse smartly.
All the hints are cool, like voegol, Tam, Oceanair, Azul.

Someone mentioned overland buses, which are also fine, specially the overnight ones.

But look also into - they always have pretty good deals.

Or try buying it between friday 22h00 and sunday 22h00 (consider GMT-3h) from voegol.

Good luck. Anyways, if you are already down here, these should be the least of your problems...
yah, its already answered :) s.g.:
the question is the cheap flight from rio to sao paulo? today is with the company blue and the company GOL... about 90,00 R$ or 45,00 US$... (I DONT "MAKE" FLY)
If you buy the tickets 30 days in advance (this offer is valid for trips started until the 30th of April 2009. You must buy your tickets until 31st MARCH 2009). You’ll pay R$79 for a return flight Rio – Sao Paulo or vice-versa.

I’ve just made a simulation on the Azul website () with the dates of 29th of April and 7th May and it works either way.

Hope this helps!!!

Hi! a great deal you can find with a new airline called Azul (is from the same owner as JetBlue in the US). Right now you can get round trip Rio-Sao Paulo from as low as 150 reais (about 70 US dollas), but of course you got to buy as soon as possible.
Regarding flights from Rio, it depends where do you wnat to go....
Anything else, let me know,
azul is a great way for round-tripping from rio to snt.paulo. tickets need advanced purchasing to benefit of the discounted fares available. have fun.
hi you can find cheap flight rio to sao paulo for aprox.100 us dollar in gol web site:
When you´re in Rio, find a travel agency. They can search in all companys easier than you and they may have better scounts.
Good trip!

The third has a several companies with a different prices to you compare!
well all those airlines noted before might at times be of a bit of a problem if you are a foreign resident and do not have a brazilian credit card. at least if you want to purchase through the sites fo those airlines...the same goes for the agencies through the net.
you allways can check through a local travel agent (in you home country) and if you intend to travel long distances and to many destination then the "visit brazil" vouchers are worth while... if it is only for the rio-sao paulo flights you can find cheap flight (O/W) for roughly 100 reals=40/50 USD). this for flight out of galeao (GIG) airport to Guarulhos (GRU) and not for the ponte aereo (flying bridge between santos dumont (SDU) to Congonhas (CGH) which are the inner city airports

It all depends on the dates you´re planning to travel. There´s no cheaper airline, all of them have promotions depending on the dates you will be flying. If you want you can contact us at with your travel dates and full name as it appears on your passport and we can see you the availability and prices.
From Rio to São Paulo you´d better check some companies ´cause proces vary a lot from one day to another. They are always competing. One thing for sure: buying online tickets and at least a week in advance will assure you the best prices. The more in advance you buy the cheaper it will be.
Best companies to check out:
Ocean Air -
Web Jet -
You can also check the page they show prices from all companies by price order and also offer packages.
Hope I have helped you!
Have a nice trip!
If you take some days in advance you can find very good deals!
azul has the best deals!

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