Travelling through Budapest Ferihegy Airport

Hi i am flying through Budapest Ferihegy and there is a 5 and a half hours connection. we are thinking that is a good opportunity to visit Budapest. Is there any suggestions on what somebody can do in this 5 hours and also what is the best way to leave and return to the airport on time? Thanks for any replies George


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


By taxi. It is not heap, but coul de in time. Depending on the traffic.
We do have taxi companies with fix price. Take one of these and go straight to the city center like Chain Bridge. Tgere you can have a piece of feeling of the city and nice view. Hope after all you will have the reason to come back for a longer visit. Should you need more help contact me. Enjoy your short visit to my city :)
Take a taxi on the airport and go to the Buda royal castle, where you can have a nice walk and a beutiful panorama to the city from the Fisherman's bastion, near Mathias church, which is beautiful too. You will get to see the parliament as well from there, and the Danube bend, and take some nice pictures. :) Not more than an hour. And after the walkyou can have a coffee or lunch in one of those cafes. (Try Miro cafe).

Enjoy your short stay and come back for longer next time! :)
It is very risky. First, you will need around 20-25 minutes to get out from the airport (passport check, luggage, etc.). You need to be very lucky not to get into a traffic jam on the way to Budapest or inside the city. To get to the Buda Castle takes about an hour or a bit more from the Airport, because of the inner city traffic. I would suggest you to visit Budapest another time when you have at least a day for your visit.

It might be a little bit too short of time to really do a tour, but with taxis with fix rates you can at least either go to the center of the city and get a view of the Danube and may be a few sights, or just go up and Castle Hill and take in the view from there. The other option is to hire a tour guide to go and pick you up at the airport and take you on a very short tour. Timing is crucial and it depends on where your coming from and where your going cause there is passport control from and to some places and that may take time.

If I can help with anything else just ask.


p.s. If it does not work out then come back and take a few day and have a good look around. Lots to see.
You will be able to use the airport shuttle minibus. that leaves from the airport and can be also organised the pick up for the way back to the airport.Go to the city centre to the Erzsébet tér and ther you can make your choice whether to hang around in the downtown go for a walk in the main pedestrian street the Váci street, and have a famous Goulash soup on one of the terrasses, and even go to the neighbouring Market Hall ,built by Eiffel.Its a wonderful building and a buzzing life, a place to meet locals and try local food.Than a walk on the Danube side will give you opportunity to catch some photos also from the older the Buda side with the Castle hill area.
Do just few things you will enjoy it more than wanting to do a lot in the same time.
Thank you alla for your comments, i have taken the airpot shuttle and visited the city center for a walk and a fast sightseeing of danube and the castle from a distance of course and had a coffee before going back to continue the flight.
Thank you all for your replies

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