Fun things to do in Iceland? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Iceland which tourists rarely experience?


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Lots of things to do here in Iceland which are not "touristy". I would say for my part that we Icelanders are a bit over active! I for one love music and go to concerts a lot (we have plenty of good local bands playing all year round in Iceland, in all the towns). Cross country skiing is also a lot of fun and we have plenty of tracks here in East Iceland.
We are very social people and in the summer time you will find a lot of Icelanders meet for a barbeque and beer (sometimes we drink to much of it, but we are vikings so thats pretty common).
We love to go to the swimming pool to tan and to catch up with our neighbours in the hot pools.

There are many other fun things to do in Iceland, these are only a few ideas.

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Hulda in Egilsstadir
Well for my part I love going to small town festivals, many towns have festivals either to shake the community together or in memory of something that was.

17th of June is our national independence day and most towns, villages and county's hold a celebration with marching and activities.

It is not so easy for an Icelander to explain I guess sins we probably take most of our little things for granted.

A more specific question concerning interests and such might be easier to answer.

One thing the Locals do in Flúðir for example is after night at the pup some go to a hot spring near by and bathe and drink there. I have not gone there myself, but would like to.

What I used to do with my friends for fun before i got disabled was for example drive around and go to the quarter mile race track where one evening a week anyone could try their car there. We would go to the pier (small fishing village) and jump of it. Go drinking downtown Reykjavik and make merry.

Many go on 4x4 jeeps to the glaciers to have fun in the snow.

I dont know if anything we do is a secret. lol.
We are a pretty open bunch here about what we do.
To go into the highlands and do some trout or arctic charr angling. Preferably in a lake where you need a 4x4 to get there. Nothing beats sitting in the midnight sun and have just birds singing in the background. A beer or two are essential...
Go for a swim in the geothermal pools, there are about 8 in the Greater Reykjavik Area.
to lay down with glas of vine in hot pot at night and enjoy sky above and northen light in winter time if you are lucky
to lay down with glas of vine in hot pot at night and enjoy sky above and northen light in winter time if you are lucky
How about doing a dogsledding tour with greenlands dogs on the Mýrdals glacier in the south of Iceland. I do personally know the peolpe offering this special adventure and they are very nice.

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