Fun things to do in Saudi Arabia? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Saudi Arabia which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Saudi Arabia


it is simple you have: shopping,restaurant, camping in the desert horse riding,omra and hajj, in djeddah you have swimming,diving
Camping in the desert like the bedoins is nice. Also Al Hasa oasis near qatar has hot springs, caves and hiking. If your on the east coast you can go into other countries like bahrain and the emirates, but within saudi arabia its limited to your creativity.
Well about fun and entertainment , ahem I advice you not to come here for that , we here expats are for our jobs and business and work . Nothing more , but yes desert camping is fun and not only for bedouins though .

Bahrain and u a e are the places most of locals and residents go for entertainment as , here there is not entertainment as such!!

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