Fun things to do in Turkey? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Turkey which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Turkey


You may go to a Turku Bar which is a opportunity to listen some local folk music


It is not easy to give an answer to this question, as tourists of different nationalities have different tastes, different views about nightlife, different shopping cultures and different accommodation preferences. Of course there are certain symbolic historical places in İstanbul that all tourists visit. People visiting İstanbul tend to make a trip out to Sultanahmet, the Grand Bazaar (Kapalıçarşı), Taksim, the Galata Tower and the Bosporus. Tourists from Mediterranean countries show interest in Beyoğlu and Ortaköy, while Arabs do not return to their home countries without going to Büyükada. Tourists eat at Hacı Abdullah, Feriye, Tike and Sultanahmet Köftecisi. Restaurants inside big shopping malls, too, serve as favorable eateries for tourists. Cevahir, İstinye Park, Akmerkez and Bağdat Caddesi are the top places frequented by foreign tourists.

Fun things locals do? Well Every person has got different life style. Not easy to give an answer..Just get a local friend and experience it.

If you contact me while you are here,.. I can let you know what is happening around as parties or some organizations we do with my friends.. Might be a night at the Turkish club. Might be a party as hat party, worse clothes party etc..:)

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you should try to night life of istanbul, or go to holiday for sea side like aegean or mediterrian sea in summer time ;)
Although it's not typically something that locals do, you may enjoy joining a half-day Turkish cooking class at our place, it's a nice and different way to experience the local culture through food.
Here is the fun things to do in our town;
Trekking,Lycian way
Kite surfing,Calis Beach
Horse riding,Kayakoy(Karmylassos)
Blue cruise,Fethiye
Jeep safari,Saklikent-Tlos-Xanthos
Quad bike,Kayakoy
Game fishing,Oludeniz
Speed boat,Oludeniz
Swimming,Belcekiz beach,Oludeniz
Swimming,Kidrak beach,Oludeniz
Swimming,Katranci bay,Fethiye
Swimming,Gunluklu bay,Fethiye
Swimming,Patara beach
Boat trip,Fethiye(12 islands)
Boat trip,Oludeniz(Butterfly valley)
Historical trip,Fethiye
Historical trip,Kayakoy(Karmylassos)
Historical trip,Xanthos
Historical trip,Pinara
Historical trip,Letoon
Historical trip,Tlos
Historical trip,Patara
Historical trip,Sidyma
Sightseeing trip,Faralya
Sightseeing trip,Butterfly valley and many more things...
when you visited to Fethiye,we may personally show all the secrets to you :-))
Best regards
if you wanna learn something about Turkish locallife look at this program :)

Eco-Agro Tourism and Voluntary Exchange(TaTuTa);

There are a lot of things which tourists rarely experience. For example the only things they are able to experience are known places...
For example Nevizade Street in Istanbul, for those who like drinking beer :)
Or Bahariye Avenue in Kadikoy for those who like shopping ;)
For me as a adventure tour provider this is easy to answer

I take my personal guest on adventure tours ,this means take them there where no other tourist comes.
For example i visit the Kocain cave system provided them with helmets lamps and we go in where even the most local people did not go before.

The 5 days Zamanti rafting expedition , imagine to raft down this river through the very remote Aladaglar mountains 5 days camping next to a river till now only 4 -5 trips where done so really exclusive .

The jeep trip to the Ucansu waterfall where people get a training in rappelling and then rappel down this 54 meter waterfall something they will not forget the rest of there life.

As the best tip i can gif to people who want to experience the real Turkey do the Lycian or st Paul trekking route on this way you will see all natural beauty that turkey has to offer.

for people who want adventure turkey can be best described as the new Zealand from Europe .

greetings and a good season to all turkey localities.
Tom Holleman
- A Local Village Marriage,

- The Henna Party for the Bride.

- A circumsition Ceromony,


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