Hotel providing best service in Bali?

I'm traveling in march,I don't want a costly hotel,prefer a botique hotel with excellent service.


City: Daoehpoeri

Province: Bali

Country: Indonesia


Hi there
you can choose many boutique hotel style in Bali ,depend of the area such as : Ubud,sanur,Nusa dua, Kuta, Uluwatu and's not polite if I tell you here which hotel has the best category of's mean the others is not best service,my suggestion pls check on the name of hotel website.
I used to stay in Ramada Bintang's fantastic.....
bali have so many best hotel service......
but i think u must say the specifick hotel did you need...!!!
i just recomended sanur hotel...
but u can see at website about the hotel..i think it will help you to know more about the hotel...

There are so many hotels in Bali. If you want to stay in a quiet place, go to Sanur or Ubud. I prefer Sanur, it's quite and near by a beach.
visit ...find subject hotel in city bali.. there are a loe of hotel in bali with the picture and prices..have a nice holiday!enjoy our beautiful land..
A lot of best service in Bali like Nusa Dua Beach(117US$) or Parrigata Villas (91US$)
try haris hotel, google it ! it really nice . pick the haris hotel in kuta beach not near the airport .
Bali Rani locate in Kartika Plaza st. is quite nice hotel...close to Kuta Sq, WaterBom, and Discovery Mal.
Across the hotel u also can find a music's only 10 minutes from airport...if u want to go to other places u can rent a car...about 150-300 rupiah/day.
i think...ritz carlton( become ayana resort now) is the most prefered by socialite can go there...its luxurious and worth it..
you will your anwser at ""

but I myself enjoy staying at Hard Rock hotel in Kuta, Legian
well....i am highly recommended Alila Ubud Bali..
It's such kind a peaceful place...

their services will pamper you....
for further info, you may visit
como shambala estate ..if you like to stay and relax
many hotel at Bali...depends on the location...many location at Bali...
Many hotels with Fantastic view and excellent service,but i think you should check on the website for each hotel. Ubud, Nusa Dua,and Jimbaran areas are suitable for people who don't like the crowdedness and if you are so Hotel in Kuta or Sanur areas are the best choice.
Hi, I would avoid Kuta, if you would like a boutique hotel try Escape in Sanur or Junjungan Resort in Ubud, Shangrila at Candidasa. There are many more let us know what area you would like to stay at. Look up etc.
Hope we can help you.
I stay in Kuta @ Alam Kul-Kul Butique Hotel & Resort.
Best service??? you'll get such a subjective answer for this such question!!! But, indeed that boutique hotel does offer more personalized service than "big 5 starts hotels" but still you have to be smart. They're most located in Seminyak, jimbaran, and now heading to kerobokan area. try to search on asiarooms, they offer gud deals then check comments on traveladvisor. it does help..! Wish you an enjoyable holidays...!!
you have many choice in bali.from bunggalow until 5 star hotel
you have many choice in bali.from bunggalow until 5 star hotel

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