do you know a cheap place (guessthouse or young hostel) where can stay and rent a car. not have to be in Reykjavík.


Country: Iceland


there are bed and breakfast, farmers hostels, youth hostels and camp grounds all over and in most big towns or city you can find a car rental.

The salvation army has a hostel downtown Reykjavik that is cheap but it is downtown so there often is loudness in weekends.

I dont know many guesthouses that have car rentals in it. but The staff should be able to point you to one.
Best for you is to pick the rent a car up at the airport. there's a nice youth hostel in Reykjavík hust by the big outdoor swimming pool and then around the island there are many guesthouses who offer accomodation at a fair price. If you plan to come in the high season it's best to book in advance but in the lower season you will get a room everywhere..
Hello Carla,

I would stay at the Travel Inn in Reykjavik and rent a car from them. Then I would go to the Icecream shop in Ulfarsfell shopping center in the western part of town and buy their "old" icecream. Then I would sit in the car and drive along the coastline with my sunglasses and heater on.

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there is a very nice bed and breakfast about 30 minutes drive to reykjavik located at keflavik airport() private bathroom,fitness center,very helpful owners.they offer a free pickup and a drive at the airport in keflavik. 15 min from the blue lagoon
car rental. w good service and good price

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