Any reccomendations for visiting Luxembourg?

What are sood good place to go see while I am in Luxemberg. What,where, when, and why you suggest it.


Country: Luxembourg


In Luxembourg some of the places that should be seen would be in the center of Luxembourg city, the Grand Duchy. Walking along the balcony that has the view of the Grund, it's said to be "Europes most beautiful balcony". Another good thing to do is Wine tasting in the Moselle Valley. Luxembourg is a very multi-cultural country that has a very traditional, comforting vibe. The country is filled with castles, cobble stone streets and gorgeous scenery! Its the nicest in the spring/summer when you can walk through the gardens and cannels in the Grund.
Luxembourg is a very multi-cultural Country in the middle of Europe, with loads to see and many interesting places. So it all depends on what you are interested in. One feature, which makes it such a good tourist destination is, as it is a pretty small country, that the climate and scenery characteristics differs so greatly from place to place. In the south-west (region called: "Minette") it used to be very industrial indeed, for the iron and steel industry flourished there from the late 19th to the mid-20th century. Nowadays the mines don't operate anymore and the steel-industry retreated to the "bigger" cities, but all around these cities you'll find nature taking back its property by growing all over the old surface-mining pits and some of the places have been declared nature-reserves for their unique flora and fauna. For more information on this, visit the "Centre d'accueil Ellergronn" in Esch-Alzette, which is run by the Luxembourgish administration of forestry or visit:

Here you can find information on the other "Centres d'accueil" around Luxembourg as well. I used to work in "Ellergronn" and "Manternach" myself, showing visitors around. So if you want more detailed information, please ask me a more detailed question ;-)

Other great places in nature or about old craftsmenship are found around all of these "Centres d'accueil".

Other must-sees is of course the amazing coulisse of Luxembourg-City by day OR by night, like described by Kaytlyne Dewald above. From late spring to early autumn many musical and other festivals take place in Luxembourg-City

A magnet for many tourists is also the region "Mëllerdall (Müllerthal)" between Junglinster, Troisvierges, and Echternach. Due to its amazing scenery it has been given the name "Little Swizerland of Luxembourg". Echternach itself is great to see, with its historical City centre, buildings and its overall cultural value.

All this are just very few places in a very shortened explanation, so if you wanna know more, then please let me know
Luxembourg certainly has something for everyone, with stunning countryside, one of Europes most well preserved and historic cities and a vibrant nightlife. National day (22-23 June) is an excellent time to visit the city. To celebrate the birthday of the Grand Duke, the whole city turns out for parades, pyro-technic displays and of course every bar spills out onto the streets to create a party atmosphere with live music and club sounds playing until dawn.

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