we are driving across Turkey (from Telč to Tbilisi and back), and would like to enjoy it :). Is it better to take the route by the...

...sea (Samsun -> Trabzon -> Batumi) or by the inland mountains (probably by the road D100 Amasya, Erzurum and then ?) ? Will the coast be overcrowded these days ? Thanks !


Country: Turkey


The coast highway wold be a better idea. Since it's the season almost all the routes might be supposed as crowded, especially at the weekends including Friday.
on the way there we did go by the coast. It was OK, even though slightly too much populated - quite often driving through some cities, where you never know what will jump in your way next. On the way back we tried to go by the inland mountains. It was great, almost no cars, ofcourse the roads were a bit harder. Is there some sort of a map, where you could tell the actual state of the roads ? That woud help so much !
Firstly ı want to tell you welcome to Turkey.we are in tourism season you know so many roads are crowded but coast of black sea is not overcrowded so much.So don't worry.have a nice trip
thanks for the warm welcome. Both the trips there and back were great and we hope to come back one day again.
Just be careful about the car tax in the Georgian border...
You could be charged some money...
Hva efun ;)
Indeed, on the border they didnt even wan to talk some insurance. As I understood , it si not obligatory in Georgia.
On the contrary, we were subject to some weird behaviour of the custom guys when exiting Turkey towards Greece - they took our passwords away, wanted to take all lugages out. All that only because they saw a czech plate,. Is this usual ?

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