I plan to go to Cancun with my husband. What are things in Cancun that I should see and not miss?


City: Cancun

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico



If you like shooping, you must take a bus " very common" best way for transportation to "MARKET 28" this is a good shooping open flea market.

If you are gouing out for dancing, I would recommend :


If you wanted to eat some good seafood, Market 28 has an open restaurant called "CEJAS" is very good!
or if you are looking for MEXICAN RESTAURNAT, i would recommend "LA PARRILLA" for this one, you will need to take a taxi, is very good!

You can also take a ferry across to "islas mujeres" but if you just wanted to relax, and shopping visit MARKET 28, and you take the bus accross the street from were you were dropped off, if you look into the busses windows, it will show you your hotel or one next to, talk to the driver and tell him to stop at " name of hotel" or give them this note" POR FAVOR SE PARA EN EL HOTEL "NAME OF YOUR HOTEL" ...OR GOING TO MARKET 28: "POR FAVOR SE PARA EN EL MERCADO 28"
EVERYONE IS VERY NICE, obviosly if you are going shooping, make sure NOT too have large bills, better deals.

Next time if you visit cozumel, Mexico my company offers diving and snorkel services ,feel free to visit my web site under videos and pictures and you can see the sea live!

have a good trip amigos, hope this information will help!

Dive with Jimmy
Hi Jacqueline:
There are many things you can do in cancun and surroundings. My recomendation would be first to identify what you are interested in: nature, culture, adventure, shopping, etc. Myself I love nature and adventure so always recommend the trips we run. Crocodile adventure and trips to Siankaan reserve. More information on the trips we run can be seen in our web site

Let us know if we can be of further help or assistance

Best Regards

Kenneth Johnson
The mayan ruins (Chichen itza, Coba and Tulum) are must see attractions. Xel-ha and Xcaret water parks are alos good.
And you should take a tour to a Cenote, these are the entries to caves which extend over hundreds of kilometers beneath the Yucatan Pensinsula. The Cenotes are very beautiful places with sometimes incredible forms (some are just straight holes of 50-60m depths and from down there the caves lead into the cave system)
well theres great restaurants to go and check out,the day trip to isla mujeres,tour to chichen itza for a whole day,maybe even the jungle speed boat tour,its beautiful place.if you want a romantic moment at sea,try one of those romantic dinners in a boat
All archeological sites around, and go diving!
You have to visit XEL-HA and XCARET theese are 2 eonderfull water parks, there are water activities, an a lot of goo an nice things to learn from the seas and wild life
Well Cancun and the Riviera Maya are places that can offer you many different and interesting things.
First we would have to look at, what kind of things is you interested in, such as: tours, shopping, cultural, night live, diving, or some thing else.
After that we can give you a more precise info.
The Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza should not be missed. You should also make a point to visit Xcaret eco-park. Stay for the night show. It's wonderful.

If you are here in the Summer, swim with whale sharks (there are tours available).
You should not miss the Underground cave systems known as Cenotes. These are sacred to the Mayan; the entrance into infraworld. These are also a geologist dream come true. So much history in the natural beauties.

Should not miss out on the diving or snorkeling of this 2nd largest reef in the world known as the Meso-American reef system.

Happy sailing!

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